Phobia Haunted Trail

  • Eco Center

    1757 County Road 59
    Caledonia, Ohio 43314
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      What scares you?

As you stroll through the darkness with only a lantern, you will come face to face with your biggest fears. Visitors watch your back, you’ll never know which way the terror will hit you. You may find out you have more phobias than you originally thought...


Enter and exit on foot in a twisted and turning trail through a 4-acre woods located deep in rural Ohio. When you enter the trail, you will hear the crickets, feel the breeze and be surrounded only by the glow of lanterns and the predators lurking in the woods. When night falls, you will feel the isolation as nothing but darkness separates you from the unknown. You may feel disoriented, stifled, pursued, and preyed upon.


WARNING: All patrons enter at their own risk. Owners & sponsors are not responsible or liable for any harm incurred on the premises and visitors will be asked to sign a general liability lien waiver before entering. This attraction contains high impact scares and strobe lights which may not be suitable for people with heart conditions or prone to seizures. Attraction may include the use of fog juice as well as spraying water. Sorry, NO pregnant women, infants, or children being carried will be allowed entry. Not recommended for children under 10.



After purchasing online tickets, you will receive a confirmation email. Please show this confirmation email to the front ticket gate upon arrival (we recommend taking a screen shot to have it handy). Your tickets will be verified and processed at that time. All patrons included in group ticket purchases must be present at the same time to gain admittance. There are no refunds for any reason! Tickets purchased online CAN BE used any 2022 haunt date, but will not be valid past October 29, 2022. Our haunt is 100 percent outdoors and is weather dependent. We recommend checking the weather forcast before purchasing your tickets online.  

Venue Details

Eco Center

1757 County Road 59
Caledonia, Ohio 43314 Eco Center
Phobia Haunted Trail