Physical Mediumship Demonstration & Spirit Circle

  • Oct 14, 2022 2:59 PM - Oct 16, 2022 2:00 PM
  • Physical Mediumship Demo Chesterfield, IN

    Chesterfield, Indiana 46017
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Physical Mediumship Demonstration & Spirit Circle Demonstration

This is an evening event planned to experience and witness a physical mediumship demonstration of LOVE and LIGHT with a set of experienced mediums.  Physical miracles of spirit are taught to humanity throughout sacred texts describing unique forms of healing, conversion from water to wine, walking on water, and the story of the burning bush.   Raise your energy, expand your beliefs, and open your mind to what is possible in this Physical World of Form.

This will be a full physical mediumship demonstration of LOVE and LIGHT with an experienced set of mediums.  Students enrolled in the "Seeing is Believing" class series will be given priority seating to attend an event until September 30th.   Beginning October 1st, open seating will be considered to fill remaining spots, and students can obtain a second seating at that time.   

The following event dates and times are available:

  • Friday, October 14, 2022 @ 6:30-9:30pm EST
  • Saturday, October 15, 2022 @ 6:30-9:30pm EST

Arrive well hydrated, whole, healthy, and open minded for a FUN FILLED experience of sitting with spirit.   To participate you must be comfortable in a completely darken space for 1.5-2.5 hours sitting close to others.  The event will be held 4-5 miles drive from the gates of historic Camp Chesterfield.  The actual location & address will be disclosed to registered and paid attendees a few days before the event.  All attendees must sign hold-harmless waivers and acknowledgements to follow safe circle procedures.  For your safety, gatherings will include forehead temperatures and hand sanitizing at the door.  Face masks are optional.  

To optimize the energy balance, the medium maintains full authority in assigning and/or selecting attendees for circles.  As in any work of this nature, physical phenomena are dependent upon the energy supplied by individuals in the group and cannot be guaranteed. 

The following is an outline of standard spirit circle protocols.  For attendee safety, especially that of the Medium and their Facilitator(s), it is imperative attendees and guests understand and adhere to these protocols.  Our goal is to ensure everyone has a pleasant and positive experience.  THE MEDIUM'S FACILITATOR IS IN-CHARGE AT ALL TIMES.   This is the most important parameter and must be followed under all circumstances.  


  1. ALLERGIES:  Inform the hosts if you are allergic to any foods, including peanut allergies.
  2. NO ELECTRONICS Phones, cameras, smart watches, recording devices, LED displays of any type, and any form of electronic equipment are NOT allowed in the spirit circle room.   Leave these devices at home or locked securely in another location.
  3. NO JEWELRY, other than wedding bands.
  4. DOORS WILL BE LOCKED.   Sitters must be comfortable sitting close to others in a small, all-dark space for 1.5-2.5 hours without interruption.  Once doors are secured, no one is allowed to enter or exit the room.  If someone must leave any reason, the spirit circle event will end for all participants and the circle considered complete. 
  5. DO YOUR BUSINESS. Please make sure beforehand to take care of yourself and be sure are comfortable sitting for this length of time.  Once the ceremony starts, there's no stopping unless to end the ceremony.
  6. EMPTY YOUR POCKETS. All persons are asked to empty their pockets and remove all personal belongings. No tissues. No keys. No coins/money. No items of any kind are allowedinto the spirit circle space.
  7. YOU  WILL  BE WANDED BY A METAL DETECTOR &  PAT-DOWNED / SEARCHED, by a member of the same-sex. This procedure is to ensure protocol adherence and guarantee no items were accidentally left on person.  Nothing should be brought inside the ceremony space.
  8. NO SHOES.  Please remove your shoes, as this assists in grounding the spirit circle energy in the room.  It is also a sign of respect to our spirit team and Native American guides.  Don’t wait for spirit to remove them for you! 


Your attitude directly impacts how much fun, interaction, phenomena you may experience during a spirit circle. ELEVATE YOUR ENERGY BY JOYFUL SINGING (or even HUMMING if you don't know the words.)  YOU AND SPIRIT ARE HERE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!  

  1. FIRST TIME SITTERS:  The goal from spirit is to bring love, happiness, hope, and understandings.  If this is your first spirit circle or you're feeling a bit "overwhelmed" initially, simply close your eyes, cross your arms in front of your chest, and simply breathe.  This centers and balances your being and indicate to spirit you may need a moment adjusting to the new environment.  Spirit will never provoke or knowingly make one uncomfortable.   
  2. NEVER CALL THE  MEDIUM BY NAME ONCE CIRCLE HAS  STARTED:  If you need to reference, use this expression: "The Medium in the cabinet..."  Calling the medium by his or her name can bring harmful repercussions, and/or break the circle energy.
  3. NO Clapping, Stomping / Thumping Snapping  of , NO  Excessive  Movements,  NO  Standing,  NO Waiving  Arms  Overhead  or  Reaching.  Ectoplasm is responsible for producing the physical phenomenon and is extremely fragile.  Moving, squirming, or producing unexpected sounds in the room can accidentally "break" the ectoplasmic production.  Be mindful and respectful to this request for the enjoyment and safety of *all*.
  4. BANGS, THUMPS, LOUD   NOISES: While you may not be able to see them, spirit can see you.  It is not unusual for spirit team members to "announce" their arrival by creating sudden loud bangs or noises.  This is completely normal, and a technique used to assess the balance of the circle and individual sitters. 
  5. LIMIT TALKING:  While we want all to have an enjoyable time, please try to limit your talking.   When the music is on, you are encouraged to SING (or HUM!).  Again, please listen for directives.
  6. BE COURTEOUS OF ALL ATTENDEES: You may be given an opportunity to ask a question.   Please be courteous of other participant's and do not monopolize the discussions.  Always be curtious of sitters and spirit. 
  7. TOUCH:  If an item or physical apport presses, sets, or unintentionally brushes up against you, (trumpet, drum, etc), DO NOT TOUCH IT.  The only exception is if spirit directs you to do so or takes you hand.   


At conclusion of the spirit circle, the room lights will be returned by instruction from the medium’s assistance ONLY.  While it may appear, the Medium is "back" into full conscious form, it may take several minutes for he/she/they to return completely into their physical vessel.   For that reason, DO NOT engage, ask questions, or follow the medium.  Please remain absolutely silent in your seats until the medium or medium’s Facilitator indicates you may talk.  Everyone should be “fully present” to enjoy the conclusion of this time together! 

  1. TOUCH:  Do not touch any apports that may have presented into the room.  The mediums will collect the items and distribute according to instruction from spirit.
  2. ELECTRONICS:  You may be permitted to retrieve your cell phones and cameras outside the room to take pictures of any apports.  No audio or video recording is permitted at any time.
  3. DRINK WATER:  As with most spiritual events, you are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids following the circle.



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Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Nancy Sanderson and William (Bill) Boldt joined together eight (8) years ago bridging the union of their love and connection of spirit expanding their gifts of healing, mediumship, and physical demonstration.  Their heart’s mission is to help and teach others to unlock one’s own true divinity.  Bill Boldt first touched the grounds of Camp Chesterfield in 1984, and over the last 25 years provides private and public readings as a professional medium.  Nancy Sanderson is an active healer and trance medium. With guidance of world-renowned physical mediums, Native American medicine men, and countless personal seances and circles, the couple joins together to demonstrate various aspects of physical phenomenon including direct, indirect voice, trumpet levitation, transfiguration, apportation of gemstones, crystals, coins, jewelry, and more. 

Bill and Nancy begin their journey at the Plymouth Spiritualist Church in Rochester, NY where they served as past president and pastoral team members for many years.  Plymouth Spiritualist Church may be considered the mother church of modern-day spiritualism with direct links to the Fox Sister, Arthur Conan Doyle, Amy and Isaac Post, Fredrick Douglass, Susan B Anthony, and others hosting rich roots in blossoming platforms of spiritualism in the age of the Women’s Suffrage Act and abolitionist movements.  In fact, both Nancy and Bill have spoken and provided readings from this historic platform.

“There is continuity of life without a doubt. Our mission is to assist humankind in recognizing the equality of our human birthright and help others utilize those abilities to ascend within their place of divine source.”   

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Vital and vibrant, long-term witness of spirit, Beth L. Kiebler and Jerome J. Joachim stand ready to serve those with “eyes to see and ears to hear.”  This sweetheart of Camp Chesterfield met on grounds during palmistry class and have been hand-in-hand ever since sharing in gifts of healing, trance, and a divine joy knowing all things are possible within the Sphere of Divine Love, Light and BE-Lief (Life).  

Founders of the Current Way, a spiritual and holistic wellness movement, Beth and Jerome seek and deploy intentions to open a community of human consciousness to our highest collective and divine potential as part of the All and The One.  Both are hosts to phenomena of the divine healing current as taught by The Way and serve as trance mediums to the Ascended Master’s teachings, esoteric and holistic science of truths, worldwide. Through their tenure of hosting sacred circles, this couple provides an ideal entrance to open your curiosity and unleash the powers of your own sacred energies to serve yourself and others. 

Jerome J. Joachim has dedicated his adult life to the study of the human energy field and various forms of spiritual and esoteric healing.   Since attending Camp Chesterfield in 2008, Jerome developed into a deep trance medium and maintains strong interests in metaphysical and spiritual studies with special knowledge of crystals and crystal therapy.   He is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds certification in Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.). 

Beth L. Kiebler earned her Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Purdue University and completed an Industrial Clinical Pharmacy Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins University and Rutgers University.  After 25 years of pharmaceutical experience and executive office, her knowledge has expanded to include naturopathic and energetic wholeness and wellness services.   She is certified in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and co-hosts three (3) Vogel crystal beds from Abadiania, Brazil. 



Learn to bridge the UNSEEN INTO THE SEEN world.  Ignite your heart, expand your belief, and safety launch your own home circle for the practice of physical mediumship. 

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Date & Time

Oct 14, 2022 2:59 PM - Oct 16, 2022 2:00 PM

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Physical Mediumship Demo Chesterfield, IN

Chesterfield, Indiana 46017 Physical Mediumship Demo Chesterfield, IN
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This holistic movement formed to assist humanity in optimizing wholeness and wellness through the study of universal wisdoms and spiritual understanding without the limits of formalized religion.  This organization offers personal exploration and expansion into the concepts balance and centeredness within the four (4) known bodies of being – physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental.  Teachings include mindfulness to support the “golden rule” and a practice of love in thoughts, words, actions, and deeds. LOVE is identified as the universal connection of all things. 


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Espavo, (…an ancient expressions "Thank you for stepping into and acknowledging your power".  Our way of saying Namaste with a dash of cayanne.)

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