Planter Box Workshop

  • December 15 - 30, 2023
  • North East Tool Library; Thorpe Building

    1620 Central Ave NE Suite #126
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413
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In this class we will explore how plants can warm a space as well as adding artistic, visual appeal. Plants can be intimidating to people due to cost and maintenance so we will talk about low-cost ways to obtain and keep them as well as interesting ways to display them that will eliminate the need for expensive, traditional pots. 

Each participant will be given plans and materials to make their own planter box to display their plants, and be shown a demonstration on how to put them together. Then they will be let loose (with any needed guidance) in the tool library to gather tools needed to execute the plans. The result will be the creation of their own planter box, decorated in their own style to take home and either start or add to their interior jungle.

Artist JobyLynn Sassily-James is a full-time autistic mixed media artist and photographer living and working in NE Minneapolis. She also has a background in window, floral, home and office interior and exterior design as well as home and theatre staging. JobyLynn’s own live work space has been a popular stop for open studio events which made many people contact her and suggest she get involved with this project. JobyLynn’s own esthetic and interest are based in an upcycling and vintage vibe, so creating interesting ways to incorporate family heirlooms and new found treasures alike is something you CAN expect when she is creating the UNexpected.

This class is sponsored by the NorthEast Park Neighborhood Association. We're proud to offer this free community class as a collaboration between NEPNA, the Minnesota Tool Library, and local artists.

Date & Time

Dec 15 - 30, 2023

Venue Details

North East Tool Library; Thorpe Building

1620 Central Ave NE Suite #126
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413 North East Tool Library; Thorpe Building
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