Platinum Butterfly Spacation Package

  • Blaque Butterfly at Reese Hall

    421 East Greene Street
    Monticello, Georgia 31064
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Indulge in the ultimate escape from the ordinary with our exclusive Spacation packages, tailored to elevate your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. Whether you crave a blissful day of pampering or desire to extend your celestial experience over two days, we have curated the perfect celestial journey just for you.

Package Options:

🌟 1-Day Spacation: Dive into celestial luxury for a day at $886. 🌟 2-Day Spacation: Immerse yourself in a celestial oasis for two days at $1064.

Additional Guests can join the cosmic voyage for just $575 per person.

🌸 Spa Services:

Revel in the ethereal bliss of our rejuvenating spa treatments, including a soothing Massage, a revitalizing Facial, and a luxurious Foot Scrub.

🌿 Spa Amenities:

Unwind in the celestial serenity of our Spa Amenities, featuring a tranquil Jacuzzi, an invigorating O2 Bar, and a rejuvenating Sauna.

🍳 Culinary Delights:

Savor a delectable culinary journey with:

🥞 2-Course Breakfast to start your day on a celestial note. 🥗 Curated Lunch crafted to tantalize your taste buds. 🍽️ 3-Course Dinner for an exquisite dining experience under the stars. 🥂 A Glass of Champagne to toast to celestial moments and unforgettable memories.

Escape the ordinary and ascend to celestial realms with our Spacation getaway. Reserve your cosmic retreat today and embark on a journey of celestial rejuvenation and pure relaxation! 🌌✨

Venue Details

Blaque Butterfly at Reese Hall

421 East Greene Street
Monticello, Georgia 31064 Blaque Butterfly at Reese Hall
Blaque Butterfly at Reese Hall