Printmaking Open Studio

  • July 5 - December 7, 2024
  • Push/Pull

    2000 Northwest Market Street
    Seattle, Washington 98107
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Not ready to commit to the cost & space required for printmaking? Join us for Printmaking Open Studio!

This time slot is ideal for those who have taken one of our printmaking classes in the past or who have otherwise dabbled in printing. No instruction will be provided--this is just a time to gather together and work on your printmaking projects in like company.

You'll be able to arrive any time between 3 and 7 pm during your purchased timeslot. 


Here are the supplies you'll have access to:

- Block printing supplies: Carving tools, brayers, ink for both paper and fabric

- Monotype Gel printing supplies: 5x5" gel plates (larger sizes occasionally available), stencils, ink, acrylic paint, brayers

- Screen printing supplies: Screen drawing fluid, screen filler, small squeegees, screen printing ink (for both paper and fabric)

- Our basic studio supplies including masking tape, brushes, collage materials, scissors, etc. 

- Big sink made for cleaning out art supplies

- Clothesline for hanging prints while you're working


What to bring with you:

- Your own blocks to carve on (We also usually have some available for purchase in the store)

- Your own screens for screen printing

- Any alternative materials you'd like to use for gel printing

- We will have a small amount of paper and fabric available for printing, but we recommend bringing your own if you have a larger project in mind


Students at Printmaking Open Studio should be 14 years and older. This Open Studio time is offered at a sliding scale; please contribute what you are able so we can continue to offer events like these.  We recommend paying between $15 - $35. 

Date & Time

Jul 5 - Dec 7, 2024

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2000 Northwest Market Street
Seattle, Washington 98107 Push/Pull

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