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  • Oct 1, 2022 - Aug 3, 2024
  • Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University

    7 Varsity Drive
    Niagara University, New York 14109
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Every first Saturday, drop in for our pay-what-you-wish 45-minute public tour followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. Public tours feature a broad exploration of CAM exhibitions or focus on a particular exhibition. All are welcome to join a CAM staff member to learn about our wonderful installations!!
Time: 1:00 p.m. -2:00 p.m. 
Cost: Pay-what-you-want
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Summer Season 

May 4 | Weaving Hands | Planting Seeds
Learn about artistry, tradition, and the role of self-taught art in maintaining community knowledge through the works of Haudenosaunee Fingerweaving artist Marilyn Isaacs (Tuscarora, Bear Clan)

June 1 | Old / New Threads
Explore the intersection of traditional art, economy, and community building through the artists, community members, and activities of Stitch Buffalo, a textile-arts-based organization based in Buffalo, New York. With a mission of empowerment, community building, creativity, and cultural preservation, the organization was founded in 2014 in response to the rapid resettlement of refugees in Buffalo.

July 13 | Colors Sing to Me:  The Life and Art of Polly King
In this retrospective exhibition of Polly King, artworks have been chosen from a variety of styles, mediums, and subjects to provide a glimpse into the totality of the artist's lifework. Visitors will view artworks of still lifes, scenes from her travels abroad, abstract renderings of industrial landscapes, and much more. 

August 3 | Daredevils of Niagara Falls: The Spectacle of Triumph and Tragedy
This exhibition immerses visitors in the experiences of those who dared to confront Niagara Falls, from being encased in a barrel to the tumultuous descent over the thundering cascade. The display chronicles over a century of such bold endeavors, highlighting the over 5,000 souls who have challenged the falls, whether for thrill, despair, or by misfortune.

Date & Time

Oct 1, 2022 - Aug 3, 2024

Venue Details

Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University

7 Varsity Drive
Niagara University, New York 14109 Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University
Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University

The Castellani Art Museum (CAM) at the center of the Niagara University campus is dedicated to the enjoyment and educational potential of artistic creativity. As a major resource for the visual arts in Niagara County, the CAM's permanent collection includes over 5,000 pieces of mainly modern and contemporary art, and hosts a unique Folk Arts Program supporting traditional artists and community-based cultural traditions in the Buffalo-Niagara region. 

In keeping with Niagara University's Vincentian mission, the museum recognizes and serves the diverse racial, ethnic, and religious communities of the Niagara region through the organization and presentation of exhibitions which honor and explore their artistic traditions and contemporary output. In addition to presenting diverse artistic expressions, the museum works in partnerships to explore and redefine the relationship between the museum and its constituencies.

As a university museum, the Castellani Art Museum serves the educational needs of the community,  by working with Niagara University faculty on integrative learning projects for college students and providing art education programs for area schools and cultural organizations. The museum staff works with educators to develop art-based learning programs that help to promote critical thinking.

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