Pumpkin Bubblegum Machine Terrarium Workshop: Crafting an Autumn Haven

  • September 9 - 23, 2023
  • Fitchburg Farms

    1839 Co Rd MM
    Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53575
Ticket Price $30.00 This event is now over

Embrace the essence of fall with our captivating "Pumpkin Bubblegum Machine Terrarium Workshop." Join us for a creative journey where you'll reimagine a non-functioning glass bubblegum machine into a delightful closed terrarium, capturing the spirit of the season within a charming pumpkin-inspired display.

In this hands-on workshop, you'll have the opportunity to:

Repurpose Creatively: Transform a pumpkin glass bubblegum machine prop into a one-of-a-kind closed terrarium that beautifully blends nature and art.

Plant Personalization: Choose between a single large or two small terrarium plants, allowing you to curate a miniature garden that reflects your autumn vision.

Autumnal Charm: Incorporate the pumpkin glass bubblegum dispenser into your terrarium design, infusing it with warmth and seasonal character.

Ecosystem Mastery: Learn the intricate layering technique with gravel, charcoal, and soil to create an environment that nurtures your plants and sustains itself.

Terrarium TLC: Acquire essential insights into the care of closed terrariums, ensuring your botanical haven flourishes well beyond the workshop.


$30 covers materials, expert guidance and includes:

  • Pumpkin glass bubblegum machine prop as the foundational element of your terrarium
  • Your choice of one large or two small terrarium plants to infuse life
  • Gravel, charcoal, and soil to cultivate a thriving habitat
  • Detailed terrarium care information to maintain your masterpiece
Date & Time

Sep 9 - 23, 2023

Venue Details

Fitchburg Farms

1839 Co Rd MM
Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53575 Fitchburg Farms
Fitchburg Farms