Putting the Pieces Together: The Art and Metaphors of Kintsugi (Golden Joinery)

  • March 19, 2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time

Ticket Price $40.00-$75.00 This event is now over

In this special event fundraiser for Healing Story Alliance join us to explore the art of Kintsugi with Kristin Pedemonti! Through guided reflections and hands-on learning, attendees will experience the physical art and profound metaphors of Kintsugi in a step-by-step process. Engaging in this uplifting endeavor, imagine how you will put the pieces back together! No experience necessary.

About the Artist

Kristin PedemontiMNTCW (Masters of Narrative Therapy & Community Work) is a Narrative Practitioner whose work as a narrative therapist specializes in piecing together preferred stories across a wide range of challenges. She has worked with persons whose lived experiences include childhood trauma, domestic violence, trafficking and war. She also works with caregivers, creatives, educators, healthcare professionals, social workers and storytellers. Kristin is also a full-time Storyteller and facilitator and the recipient of National Storytelling Network’s International Story Bridge Award for her work across cultures. She has presented and performed on five continents and twenty countries from Albania to Bali to Colombia to France to Kenya and her favorite so far, Iran. She is a Storytelling Consultant at the World Bank where she teaches upper-level staff how to tell the human stories behind the data. Kristin is the author of three books, most recently A Bridge of Stories which chronicles her journey creating and facilitating a decolonized seven year volunteer literacy project in Belize in which she trained educators how to use their own cultural stories in their schools. Kristin was also a finalist in TED Talks Talent Search. You can learn more about her latest work here: www.steeryourstory.com



Kintsugi (golden joinery) is an ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery with lacquer and precious metals highlighting the cracks rather than hiding them. Kintsugi honors the journey of the vessel and believes the mended piece is stronger and more valuable. Kintsugi is a powerful metaphor and art form used to explore layers of meaning- including challenges, changes, and new chapters in our lived experiences. This workshop offers an invitation to look at the pieces in new ways as we put them back together. 


This workshop incorporates visual, auditory and sensory learning styles through reflections, verbal discussion and the kinesthetic hands-on experience of Kintsugi. 

First, we explore the Metaphors of Kintsugi: 

We will explore the metaphors in Kintsugi through reflections, journaling prompts and small group discussion supported by Narrative Practices which honor and acknowledge the layers of influence that impact our view of self, others and the world around us. 

 Next, the Physical Art Practice of Kintsugi: 

In our workshop, there is no wrong way to do Kintsugi; it is all about noticing what comes to mind while doing each step. No matter what happens with the pieces, there is an opportunity for learning and observations. Participants will be guided through each step in the experiential art process as we pause after each step for reflection and discussion questions. Each participant will be invited to break and mend a piece of pottery.  

Together, we will reflect on questions such as:

  • What do you notice as you break the pottery?
  • What do you notice in the pieces? What might they signify for you?
  • What do you notice as you glue the pieces?

The hands-on experience of mending the broken pieces assists participants to see their skills in action and highlights their preferred story of pieces of their lives (or others’ lives) mended together through the process. Participants keep their created Kintsugi piece as a tangible reminder.

Supplies: (cost: approximately $10)

  • 1 piece of pottery to break/mend (Dollar Tree & Thrift Stores are excellent sources, cost ~$1.25) You might also choose a piece you already have that is broken
  • 1 container of Epoxy Glue: in form of double tube glue with plunger. (Gorilla Glue Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy recommended. Available at Michael's Craft Stores/Home Depot, cost ~$5.50) 
  • 1 container embossing powder (Michael's Craft Stores or on Amazon, cost $4)
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 hand towel (to place over pottery when you break it)
  • 1 paper plate or piece of cardboard (to place pottery on while breaking and mending)
  • Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol (to clean glue off hands)


Kristin facilitates and gently guides with attention and sensitivity, allowing each person their own experience in a safe setting, successfully balancing individual needs and experiences with group standards and integrity. Ensuring each participant has opportunities to speak and share, Kristin masterfully facilitates. I was excited to emulate an art form I admire and respect, and to do so with such a competent, compassionate leader who honors the art's origins and significance. I was eager to bring new life to objects I’d broken.” ~ Rachel A.

"This program was deeply meaningful! Kristin's open, inclusive, loving spirit quickly created a safe and enjoyable space for us to explore the ancient art of Kintsugi and ourselves. Through her adept facilitation we experienced the program as a highly supportive, well connected community, even though some members joined our gathering at the table from across the country.”  ~Catherine Rosensteel, Well for the Journey Coordinator

Date & Time

Sun, Mar 19, 2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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