• Sun, Apr 24, 2022 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Witch Way Australia

    74 Veales Road
    Deeragun, Queensland 4818
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This workshop is timed to suit Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere which falls on Saturday 30th April/Sunday 1st May. Your Altar should be set 3 days out (27th) so this workshop is perfect timing.

Samhain is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere as we would Halloween on the 31st October. It is believed the souls of the spirits from the underworld were set free on this one night and the wearing of costume and masks would protect from the dark spirit.

Samhain is a time for us to honour the souls of the dead. It is a time when the veils between worlds are at it’s thinnest. It is also a time when our harvests die off and we have an abundance of fruit and vegetables; time to preserve, prepare jams, pickles, make tinctures and brews for wellbeing using our fruits of the earth. Samhain is a time for the generally cold, callous, wise Crones to show you the blessings from the deaths and lead you into the cold with guidance to release what no longer serves you. It is time for connection and reflection and we honour our ancestors from the past.

In this workshop you will learn about Offerings; why and how we do them. You will be given a Black Plate and all the herbs, botanicals, candles, fruits, grains, incense, crystals to decorate your plate You can add your own photos of loved ones or pets passed to honour them on your offering plate.

Over and above this, you will also make your own ritual candle, decorate your offering Plate and make Corn Dolly. These items can be used on your “Offering Plate” along with the other decorations and you will get to take it all home with you, and you can use it on Samhain

The workshop is limited to 8 and tickets are essential.


Date & Time

Sun, Apr 24, 2022 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Witch Way Australia

74 Veales Road
Deeragun, Queensland 4818 Witch Way Australia
Witch Way Australia

Witch Way Australia is Mother and Daughter team; Fiona and Kristan, more affectionately known as the Spider and the Unicorn

We brew, we craft and we create. If you are wanting something special; hit us up

We also do group workshops for all things crafty and witchy

We are both Witches and follow old school pagan ways.

Kristan is a Kitchen witch and does all the brewing, baking and blending

Fiona is an Eclectic witch and dabbles in all things. Both are drawn to mother earth and nature and their craft is grounded and old school

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