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  • Sarasa Streaming

    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
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Sarasa has been producing video recordings of our live concerts since 2020. These full performances have been professionally recorded, edited, and mixed, resulting in wonderfully high-quality videos that can be viewed at any time. Our streaming program began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing Sarasa fans to stay connected to our music even when unable to attend concerts in person. We are proud to continue these recordings, and to offer each most recent concert video free for a limited time. However here, we have compiled each concert recording into a full catalogue for you to play through.

Subscribers to the current Sarasa Concert Season receive access to this full video catalogue as part of their subscription benefits. Access to the catalogue is also available for separate purchase here.

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Sarasa Streaming

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140 Sarasa Streaming
Sarasa Ensemble

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