• February 29 - March 2, 2024

    106 Calyer Street
    Brooklyn, New York 11222
Ticket Price $17.00-$30.00 This event is now over

Wild Future represents the unknown yet powerful future that is rooted in the current moment. The rapport that stretches through time breaks dimensions. A point of a finger shatters an ancient pyramid. Consequences come with every decision being made at every moment. This performance consists of two pieces, “\\\” (reads as Three Slashes) and ”Dis-placement 誤置”.

Exploration of rapport is the core of the work. In “\\\”, the string is a materialization of connection between two. With the understanding that the link between us never ceases to exist, active negotiation is taking place every second. Energy flows through and morphs physical structures of bodies and strings, keeping all entangled.

”Dis-placement 誤置” is a body and mind process of role playing dreamer, shapeshifter, and monarch separately and collectively. Placement of intentions alters the quality of communication between the seeing and the seen. “A hand reaching out from my back, gently grabbing your collar, asking you to come with me.”

Date & Time

Feb 29 - Mar 2, 2024

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106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222 TRISK