Shapeshifter Workshop with Leland Faulkner

  • November 11, 2023 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Theatre House - Great Room

    664 Castleton View Road
    Castleton, Virginia 22716
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Shapeshifter Workshop & Meal

Explore and express your dreams through character & movement – an inspiring and healing experience for ALL AGES 

  • Workshop in the Great Room - 11:30-1:30
  • Chippewa-inspired Meal included in the Great Room - 1:45-2:45 PM

 The Shapeshifter Workshop with Leland Faulkner is an extension of his work with spiritual choreography and the power of storytelling.


We will explore the natural world through character and movement. I call this shapeshifting, where a person transforms and identifies with all the parts of an imaginative journey. This includes exploring animal movement and using practical visioning. 


Part of this quest is to give power to our inner life and express it outwardly with clarity. For example, inside each of us lives a world of animal and natural characteristics, but we usually have no consciousness of this. So, if we learn to identify with the movement of a coyote or the flicker of firelight, and we learn to detail and re-identify with these things, not only does our imagination come to life, but so does our sense of play and the good medicine that play provides.  The gift of empathy is a healing practice, and this practice teaches us about ourselves, guides us to step into our power, or as indigenous people would say, our medicine. The goal of this workshop is to step onto a pathway that expresses our dreams and visions with eloquent clarity.

As part of understanding this transformative magic, I will also share how to articulate space using practical movement techniques and the science of gesture.

Finally, we will explore the power of words and storymaking, whether it is traditional or personal telling.


My experience over a lifetime as a teacher and working theater artist has informed my approach to storymaking.  As a teaching artist, I have found that sharing knowledge and providing these workshop experiences is not only good fun and good medicine but is healing because it is self-empowering and builds community.


I am looking forward to sharing a lifetime of learning with students of all ages and levels of experience in this fun and supportive gathering.



Date & Time

Sat, Nov 11, 2023 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Venue Details

Theatre House - Great Room

664 Castleton View Road
Castleton, Virginia 22716 Theatre House - Great Room
Castleton Festival

Founded in 2009 by Maestro Lorin Maazel and Dietlinde Turban Maazel, the Castleton Festival introduced classical music, theatre, and opera to the rolling hills of Rappahannock County.

Castleton has been a life-changing experience for over 3,000 participants. Set in one of the most beautiful areas of Virginia, Castleton’s performances take place at the Theatre House: a former chicken coop for 15,000 hens converted to a “mini-Globe” European-style theatre with one of the finest acoustics in the world.  

There are four primary themes to Castleton’s present activities:

  • Castleton in Residency (CiR): one- to four-week Residencies for Artists of the highest caliber furthering their collaborative work and artistic growth. Artists are invited based on outstanding talent. In line with Maestro Maazel’s ethos, they are proactively encouraged to take risks and to challenge their artistic boundaries. The opportunity to fully immerse in the Maestro’s Legacy, his home, his music library, and his composing studio, together with performing in the Theatre House and experiencing the bucolic surroundings, imbues the artists with inspiration. Residencies to date have exceeded all expectations culminating in numerous recordings, some available via streaming on Castleton’s website.
  • Castleton in Mentorship (CiM): Artists in Residence are encouraged to make time available to teach Master Classes to high potential students from the local community. The Artists are also invited to bring their own students to participate in the unique experience. 
  • Castleton in Conversation (CiC): In collaboration with Daniel Lelchuk’s Talking Beats podcast, Castleton offers a new series which engages an extraordinary diversity of guests such as writers, musicians, scientists, entertainers, and thinkers in captivating and spirited dialogue. The common link between all is a passion for music.
  • Castleton in Performance (CiP), a year-round series, offers a multicultural experience. This thematically diverse series of recitals, chamber music, jazz, world music, theatre, chamber opera, and dance, brings internationally acclaimed artists into our own backyard. Eminent performers have included Mstislav Rostropovich, José Carreras, Itzhak Perlman, Emanuel Ax, Sir James Galway, Wynton Marsalis, Pepe Romero, Alec Baldwin, and Claire Bloom. 

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