Shift Work Survival Secrets - A workshop for shift work success!

  • Mar 23 - 25, 2023
  • The HUB

    12 Opal Street
    Emerald, Queensland 4720
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Had enough of being an exhausted shift worker?

Are you spending your days off in bed recovering instead of out enjoying life?


Shift work is becoming more and more common. While shift work can be a necessary and rewarding way of life for many people, it can also be challenging and stressful. From sleep disruption and fatigue to health issues and social isolation, shift work may cause a wide range of problems.

The Shift Work Survival Secrets workshop provides strategies and tips for managing the unique demands of shift work. Whether you're a seasoned shift worker or new to this type of work, this workshop will provide you with valuable information to help you navigate the challenges of shift work.

While only a handful of shift workers will ever 100% adapt to shift work, research shows that shift workers who undergo lifestyle and wellness training have better health.

Benefits of attending this workshop

1. Improved sleep quality and reduced feelings of fatigue, giving you

  • More energy to do the things you love.
  • Better focus, concentration, motivation and productivity.
  • Improved mood and reduced stress.
  • Better health and relationships.
  • Reduced risk of accidents and injuries due to improved alertness

2. Better work-life balance - Having good sleep and more energy can lead to a more fulfilling life outside work.

3. Stronger social connections - Good energy and mood help improve social connections and relationships.

4. Enhanced job satisfaction - Being a happy healthy shift worker may increase job satisfaction. (not guaranteed!!!)

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who works outside of the traditional 9am-5pm Monday-Friday workplace structure

Workshop Dates

Thursday 23rd March 9am-1230pm

Saturday 25th March 9am-1230pm

Feedback from Annie's past presentations on improving sleep

"Annie was very knowledgable and interesting"

"Excellent, informative with supportive information, & interesting presentation. Annie has an excellent natural ability to deliver a very sincere session. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic."

"Annie was clearly passionate about her topic and very engaging."

"Great presentation with heaps of helpful tips."


A full refund is available up to 7 days before the event, no questions asked.  You will receive a full refund minus service fees.

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Date & Time

Mar 23 - 25, 2023

Venue Details


12 Opal Street
Emerald, Queensland 4720 The HUB
Annie Barrett Naturopath

Hi, I'm Annie Barrett a Naturopath, Medical Scientist and shift work survivor.

My main area of interest is helping shift workers find natural solutions to the unique health challenges that come with working shifts.  

As a former shift worker, I understand the importance of sleep, rest and nutrition in helping shift workers maintain their energy levels, reduce fatigue, and improve their health and well-being.  

I'm dedicated to helping shift workers find the balance and vitality they need to thrive in their careers.  

This is why I decided to write this talk as I know all too to well how sleep, fatigue, burn-out and stress can affect your quality of life.

As a Medical Scientist, I participated in a rotating roster for 24 years.  And because my workplace didn’t educate me on how to be a healthy shift worker I ended up exhausted and burnt out.

A friend gave me the details of their Naturopath who helped improve my health and inspired me to help others in the same situation. So, I headed back to Uni to study Naturopathy. 

I now love helping shift workers and people with sleep, fatigue and stress concerns.  

I am based in Emerald, QLD and see clients at Emerald Natural Health, a health clinic and health shop located in The HUB on Opal St