Should I Sell, Close, or Reinvent…What Are My Options?

  • Certified Catering Consultants

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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No matter what stage your company is in, now’s the time to not only consider an exit strategy but also to know your options and create a plan. Think of it this way: your business is an asset in which you have invested time & money.

Many caterers across the country are facing drastic changes due to COVID 19 and you may be contemplating selling or closing your business. Sound planning can help ensure you cover all your bases. It’s important to understand options for your exit strategy. 


Maintaining, closing, or selling a company may be a difficult decision to make, and it can become even more challenging when a business owner doesn't take the proper steps.

Certified Catering Consultants Carl Sacks, Meryl Snow, and Frank Christian dive into this 3.5-hour virtual session.

Attendees have the option to attend anonymously and still be a part of the discussion and ask questions.

Maintain Your Business:

  • How to Survive the Current Downturn
  • Which Types of Catering Business have Continued through the Current Crisis?
  • Which Catering Sectors are Likely to Recover First?
  • Does Downsizing Really Work as a Survival Tactic?
  • Should You Combine Forces with a Competitor, but Continue to Operate your Brand?

Close Your Business :

  • Necessary Steps to Close Your Business but Come Out with your Reputation Intact
  • How to Determine Whether Your Company Has Liquidation Value
  • What to do if you Have Client Deposits for Events you are Unlikely to Cater
  • How to Negotiate with Vendors for Accounts Payable
  • How to Handle Accounts Receivable
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Employees Being Let Go
  • Worst Case Options – Filing for Bankruptcy Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13 (bankruptcy attorney will be present)

Sell Your Business :

  • State of the Catering Industry M&A Market before COVID
  • Differences in Sale Likelihood Between Off-Premise and On-Premise Businesses
  • How to Sell Your Business to a Competitor
  • Steps of the Sale Process
  • How Due Diligence Works
  • NDA/Confidentiality Agreements 
  • Finding a Buyer - Should You Use a Broker or a Consultant
  • Business Valuation – What is a Fair Market Value of Your Company
  • What Needs to be in a Purchase/Sale Agreement
  • Time Frame for a Sale
  • Handling Event Deposits Collected
  • Transferring Booked Events
  • What Buyers Are Looking For
  • Employee Transitions – How to Retain Key Staff
  • Option to Sell the Business but Retain the Property

This seminar is for information purposes only and should not be considered legal, accounting, or tax advice.


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Certified Catering Consultants

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Certified Catering Consultants
Certified Catering Consultants
Certified Catering Consultants
The most cost-effective solution to an entire range of challenges facing caterers today.

Carl Sacks has spent more than seventeen years as a consultant to the catering industry, starting at Catersource, and currently as the managing member of Certified Catering Consultants. His list of clients includes many of the most prominent and successful caterers in the industry.

He is regarded as the top expert in several catering related areas, including maximizing financial returns, strategic planning, and exit strategy development and implementation. He is also widely known for his expertise in contract and venue RFP response development. Carl also provides advisory services to both buyers and sellers of catering companies and has been involved in many successful transactions.
He is a very hands-on consultant, and his projects provide an impressive return on investment.

Meryl Snow has spent 28 years in the special event & catering industry as co-founder of Feastivities Events, along with its subsidiaries OffShoots Decor and Philadelphia Picnic Company. She also is the author of Booked It!, Cha-Ching, and three how-to Style & Design videos, in addition, she is the creator of The Triangle Method Sales Training Platform.

She provides consulting, coaching, and training services throughout the a range of clients including catering companies, trade organizations, and universities.

Frank Christian is the operations side of the business. Since 1992, he has focused on the non-sexy part of the hospitality and special event industry. Once sales hands off the event to the operations team, the company risks its profitability by mismanaging the flow of information and communication prior to the event happening.

Frank’s MA in Information Systems and BA in Finance combine with natural business acumen, an ownership mentality, and team development skills to bring the corporate vision to reality in fast-paced, highly competitive settings.