Sketchbook Studio

  • August 24 - October 27, 2024
  • Push/Pull

    2000 Northwest Market Street
    Seattle, Washington 98107
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Do you have a sketchbook sitting empty at home? Or maybe you want to take your sketchbook to the next level? Push/Pull member Max Mandell will walk you through techniques to help you start using your sketchbook, further your drawing practice, and play with the blank page. Spend an afternoon with your sketchbook during this repeatable workshop to help cultivate a lifelong drawing practice!

We will... 

  • Engage in simple writing exercises for ideation
  • Draw from reference, life, and imagination
  • Create visual-research collages
  • Experiment with watercolor & ink washes as well as colored pencils
  • And more!

Bring your sketchbook (or buy one here with your student discount) and anything you’d like to include in it (collage stuff, stickers, stamps…).  You’ll never ask “What should I draw?” again!!


Max Mandell (he/him) has been drawing for work, school, and fun for over 10 years. It's a joy to share his love of traditional (and digital) media with the students at Push/Pull. He's excited to make cool art with you!



Q: Wait, can I do this class if I don't have a sketchbook?

A: Sadly, a stack of loose papers misses the point of this class. The book can be ANY size, shape, or paper-type. Spiral bound, paperback, or hardcover. But you simply MUST have a sketchbook!


Q: But I don't have one! 

A: You can take advantage of the 15% student discount in-store on the day of your class to purchase a one! Push/Pull has sketchbooks of all kinds for you to peruse. (Don't want to buy one? You can even make one from cardstock, printer paper, and staples! We also have a Book Binding class you could take advantage of before taking this one!)


Q: I already have a sketchbook. Do I need a new one for this class?
A: Not at all! Any sketchbook will do. All you need is a sketchbook with a few blank pages.


Date & Time

Aug 24 - Oct 27, 2024

Venue Details


2000 Northwest Market Street
Seattle, Washington 98107 Push/Pull

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