SOPMed Two Day Virtual Ozone & UBI Certification Course

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This Two Day Virtual Ozone & UBI Certificate Course is approved with The College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC (CNPBC), Canada includes the following:

Standard Ozone/UBI  (2.5 Hours)

  • Biochemistry Basics
  • Applications, Indications, Contraindications
  • Protocols
  • Concentration & Dosage
  • Synergy of O3/UBI for best results
  • Updated Equipment Reviews

Hi-Dose Ozone/UBI (2 Hours)

  • Easier, Cheaper & Faster than 10 Pass
  • Background on 10 pass and HD (Hi-Dose)
  • Studies and Mechanisms
  • Equipment needed (you may be able to
    mainly use what you have)
  • Procedure and Protocol
  • Integrating it into your patient plans

Joint Injection – Integrative Approach to Pain Management (2.5 Hours)

  • Biochemistry & Advanced Understanding of Ozone Particular to Tissue & System Repair
  • Theory of Dosage – Joint Dependent Application
  • Indications
  • Preparing Injection Mixtures
  • Product Information
  • Scar Infiltrations

Grow Your IV Room (2 Hours)

  • Build Treatment Plans and Packages
  • Structured Pricing for Profitability
  • Selling Packages
  • Consent/Intake/Tracking Forms
  • Creating Standing Orders and SOP’s
  • Patient Education
  • Staff Requirements

Mastering the Golden Consult  (2 Hours)

  • The Three Components of the Ideal Patient Consult
  • How to Educate and Engage Patients
  • Increasing Conversion Rates

Hands-On Video Demonstrations for Standard & Hi-Dose Ozone/UBI Therapies (3 hours)

  • Review of All Supplies Needed
  • Step By Step Tutorial
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Live Video Zoom Meeting

Your Office or Home, Idaho Live Video Zoom Meeting
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SOPMed desires to assist in the humanitarian work of fighting infections with alternative medicine. This first step may be crucial in developing a comprehensive infection strategy in other countries.

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