Sound Alchemy New Moon Portal - Fremont

  • August 3, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Blue Yoga Studio

    529 North Main Street #5
    Fremont, Nebraska 68025
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"The soul speaks to you through the body, our sound helps you listen." — Astara Raven

Astara and Orion of Illuminating Hearts are thrilled to bring the healing power of Sound Alchemy to the Blue Yoga Studio in Fremont. Step through a soulful portal of restorative sound into this blessed Leo new moon window to reconnect with your brightest light in your core — your true north or inner compass — ready to illuminate your path. Immerse yourself in our intentional sound, breathwork, and toning tools — giving you access to your body’s natural healing intelligence. Enjoy a cacao heart opening Hearth tea ceremony to awaken your channel with our organic Hearth Tea. Using the power of resonance, Astara and Orion invite you into deeper states of being to heal you in every dimension of your being: mind, body, and soul.

Are you ready to reveal the magnificence of you? 

Pre-registration encouraged. Check in time 6:30pm. Event start time 7:00pm. 
Please arrive early so we can start on time!
Advanced Registration $50/$55 at door (Advanced Registration with book: $70/$75 at door)

Dress comfortably. Bring your favorite yoga mat/blanket/bolster/pillow to make a comfortable nest. If you have an Illuminating Hearts mindfold/eyemask, please bring it. If this is your first one, you will be provided a loaner! (we have them for sale at our events) As an event for deep relaxation and meditation, children aged 12 and up may attend to maintain this atmosphere. We aim for a low scent space to help everyone breathe easy.


Using the star codes from her book How the Stars Tell Time, Astara will guide you into the gate of time in your heart inside our sonic time machine — the cathedral of sound. Astara will be available to sign books after you journey through the sonic star-gate. Or you can simply add a book onto your ticket purchase and receive a signed copy when you arrive!



The heart holds the highest concentration of electromagnetic energy, the intelligence you're made of. It's gate opens you to the zero point beyond time, the source field, the quantum field — where you can travel beyond time, meeting up with younger and older versions of you to undo outworn conditioning and remember the future.

The goal of all energy medicine healing modalities, including sound, is to cultivate the conditions within which your body can heal itself. Sound is a vibrational language that communicates directly with our electromagnetic body, allowing us to use more of our brain and body then we normally do. We describe "Sound healing" as Sound Alchemy. Resonance medicine heals AND it creates alchemy, altering dissonant states of being to harmonious ones. Alchemy is changing the fundamental relationship to yourself and the world. Sound Alchemy is a channeled energy transmission, lifting you in expanded resonance, integrating lost soul parts. Our sound brings you to new states of consciousness like entheogens, yet without difficult effects.


Astara is available before the event — all day Saturday — for private one-on-one soul sessions through her powerful, multidimensional Heartifact Archaeology system that digs into the roots of your issues for your best healing mind, body and soul. 

Then come to the event after for deep integration!

There are only six spots, be sure to  👉🏽 book your session in advance



With your commitment and full participation our Sound Alchemy has the potential to invite one or more of the following benefits:

✨ Engage the parasympathetic nervous system through deep physical relaxation, connecting you to your natural healing intelligence.

🧬 Sound creates infrared light, which powers the structured water-building mechanism in cells, in turn powering our biology run by life-giving electricity, activating your natural healing intelligence at a cellular level.

🧠 Tune up the brain. Synchronize the two hemispheres of the head brain creating inner peace and calm.

🧠 Use more of your brain. Activate the alpha, theta and gamma states of the brain — to increase well-being, access clear vision, widen perception, engage creativity, invite focus, and enjoy a richer sensory experience.

🌀 Create systemic coherence between the gut brain, the heart brain, and the head brain allowing the body to collaborate with its natural healing intelligence.

🫁 Learn breathing and toning techniques to come home to your body — daily practices you can take home to flow life force better.

🫁 Build vagal nerve tone for well-being, stimulating the release of endorphins, relieving stress, promoting a reduction in anxiety, reducing pain, and promoting euphoria.

🫀 Increase Heart Rate Variability for longevity and vitality.

🫀 Access your heart-light (power) for multidimensional healing.

🫀 Find the gate of time in your heart where you can learn to jump timelines to retrieve lost parts of you and pull you into your desired future.

🫀 Listen to the heart to receive support from your Higher Self, guides, or ancestors.

🪐 Experience attunement with the stars, the earth, the cosmos, and your natural rhythms — promoting integrative wellness.

❤️ And so much more!


"Our resonance time machine opens you to the multi-dimensional nature you are, allowing access to your healing intelligence and the quantum field in a clearer way." – Astara Raven



Illuminating Hearts is a Love Lifestyle Collaboration (LLC) out of the heartland, providing diverse innovative mindfulness services so that others may thrive. We help you imagine, solve, create and live vitally from the intelligence of the heart and soul. Collaborators Astara and Orion cross-pollinate sonic resonance and heart coherence, science and spirituality, theory and the experiential. We weave our integrative offerings from a multi-disciplinary eco-system of acoustics, metaphysics, mindfulness, mysticism, fluid movement, bioenergetics, somatic awareness, and sustainability. Consequently, such a diversity of disciplines coming together creates a more holistic approach than any one discipline on its own. Learn more about Astara and Orion.

What our friends say:

“I just got to experience Illuminating Hearts for the first time tonight. It was an incredible journey, via sound, through the many places my mind was able to take me. Absolutely wonderful experience. A universal vacation through mind, body, and spirit. I look forward to more. Thank you!” —Brain Wetjen, Omaha, Nebraska

“I had my first experience with Illuminating Hearts at a Sound Alchemy event last night. It was incredible! I can’t put words on it. I am still vibrating with the love and healing I experienced even this morning. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! Many blessings be upon you! Abundant love and gratitude!” —Carol Radke, Omaha, Nebraska

"Illuminating Hearts are pure magic. Never before have I felt vibration in every cell of my body, creating a thrumming that transformed time and space. My whole body became rivers of sound. Orion and Astara are bringing a profound experience into the world, don’t miss it!!" —Susan Steindorf, Owner of Dayaalu Center, Bainbridge Island, Washington


Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

As an event for deep relaxation and meditation, children aged 12 and up may attend to maintain this atmosphere.

What can I bring into the event?

Dress comfortably. Bring your favorite yoga mat/blanket/bolster/pillow to make a comfortable nest. We will provide everyone with loaner mindfold/eyemasks so you can enjoy the sound in the dark of inner space. We will have them for sale at the event if you want one to take home!

What’s the refund policy?

We refund cancellations in full received 24 Hours or more notice in advance of the event. Any cancellations we receive with less than 24 Hours notice in advance of the event will not be refunded. Read our full event policy.

Will there be filming or recording at the event?

When you enter an Illuminating Hearts (IH) event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. Read our full event policy, including a notice of filming, video and photography. Upon entering the event, you agree to our event policy and effectively release IH, its illuminators and collaborators, and each and all persons involved, from any liability connected with filming or recording. You also waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties associated with the recording. Our intention for filming and recording is to harvest beauty for the world. Thank you for being a part of this event with us!

Can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email sound@illuminatinghearts with any further questions.

Date & Time

Sat, Aug 3, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue Details

Blue Yoga Studio

529 North Main Street #5
Fremont, Nebraska 68025 Blue Yoga Studio
Illuminating Hearts

Collaborators Astara and Orion founded Illuminating Hearts. We cross-pollinate sound and energy, science and spirituality, theory and the experiential to em-power your truest Self. We bring music, metaphysics, and mindfulness together in a new way. Our innovative sound offerings heal you at the root of life: vibration. Learn more about Heartifact Archaeology and our books. Learn more about TINY space PRODUCTIONS and our films.

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