Sourdough for Beginners Workshop 1/27/24

  • January 27, 2024 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Serenity's Wildflour Bakery

    29508 Caspian Street
    Leesburg, Florida 34748
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Been wanting to try your hand at making some delicious and nourishing sourdough bread and baked goods for your family but you're a little intimidated? This is the workshop for you!

In this workshop, I will walk you through the following:
- The sourdough basics- What is sourdough? What are the benefits?
- How to take care of your sourdough starter! You will receive your own starter at the class and feed it during the class so you feel prepared to take care of it!
- How to make a classic sourdough boule from start to finish! I will have the dough for a boule that is ready to be shaped, scored, and baked ready to demonstrate and give you a feel of what the dough should feel and look like when it is ready to bake. We will mix up the dough for your boule, stretch + fold it, and you will take it home to bake in 6-8 hours (or you can place in the fridge to accommodate your schedule or to develop a more sour flavor!)

Tickets are $45 per person and you'll take home:
- In-depth starter care instructions
- Sourdough term cheat sheet
- My top nine sourdough recipes ($10 value)
- Sourdough starter ($10 value)

- Baked Mini Classic Sourdough Boule to enjoy as soon as you get home!
- Classic Sourdough Boule dough ready to bake in 6+ hrs (with the knowledge of how to form it and bake it!)
- Life-long knowledge of how to make your own bread with 3 simple ingredients! (invaluable!)

What to bring:

  • A medium- large cooking bowl (with a lid preferably)- You'll mix your dough in this bowl and take it home to bake!
  • Optional- an apron

At home, you will need:

- a little flour for dusting your counter and continuing to feed your starter

- an oven that heats to 450F

-parchment paper

- a lidded pot that can go in the oven, a dutch oven is preferred. This is to cook your sourdough boule in that you will be mixing at the class and taking home to ferment and bake! Don't worry- in the class you will handle what the dough will feel like when it is ready to shape and bake and watch how to shape it and how to bake it!



Items NOT Required, but recommended:

- Dutch Oven (6qt)-

Having a heavy lidded pot helps retain and keep even heat in the oven and the lid keeps the steam in allowing for a soft bread! With a classic sourdough boule, the lid is kept on for the first half and taken off for the second half.

- Kitchen Scale-

Weighing ingredients will help you have more consistent recipes and as an added bonus- less dishes from no measuring cups!

- Kitchen Instant Thermometer-

The easiest and best way to tell if your bread is done, is with a thermometer! Bread should be between 190-200F when you take it out of the oven!

- Sourdough Kit (mixer, baskets, bench scraper, scorer)-

This sourdough kit is great as it has all the additional things that make sourdough easier- The dough whisk keeps your hands clean while mixing shaggy dough, the proofing baskets help your bread hold its shape, the bench scraper helps move the dough and also scrape leftover flour or dough off of the counter, and the bread lame allows you to easily score your bread (although a regular knife will do too)!

Date & Time

Sat, Jan 27, 2024 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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Serenity's Wildflour Bakery

29508 Caspian Street
Leesburg, Florida 34748 Serenity's Wildflour Bakery
Serenity's Wildflour Bakery