Spelldown After Dark Contestant Slot

  • Sep 2 - 23, 2022
  • Skylark Cafe and Club

    3803 Delridge Way Southwest
    Seattle, Washington 98106
Ticket Price $15.00 This event is now over

Want to be part of Seattle's only Adult Spelling Bee?  This is where you sign up to be one of the participants of SPELLDOWN AFTER DARK!  Choose your date that you would like to attend and compete in.  If you make it to the finals, they will be held on September 30th so save the date if you're feeling confident!  Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners!  Full instructions and rules will be sent to you after signing up.  Here are the basics!

This is not your normal Spelling Bee! Be prepared for plenty of pop culture references, names,, and all sorts of spelling challenges.  It will feel more like a game show than a stuffy competition!  Plus you can drink!  How it works:

Contestants are divided into 2 groups

One group on stage, the other group in the crowd

The stage group  spells the words out loud

The crowd group spells the same words on whiteboards

On stage contestants may: 

Play - spell the word right

Pass - challenge another player on stage to spell the word right

Punt - steal a spelling from a player in the crowd

After each round the players switch places and the fun starts all over again

The contestants with the most points compete in a winner-take-all round called

Last speller standing wins the game and the CA$H PRIZE.

Tournament finals are on Sept. 30th 2022 where the King or Queen of Spelldown (2022) will be crowned.

1.     All contestants must be 21+.

2.     All word spellings are verified by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, unless otherwise specified.

3.     American spellings only, unless otherwise specified.

4.    Contestants cannot use internet-connected devices, written materials or audience assistance. Violation is an automatic elimination from the tournament.

5.  All decisions by the hosts of the tournament are final.





Date & Time

Sep 2 - 23, 2022

Venue Details

Skylark Cafe and Club

3803 Delridge Way Southwest
Seattle, Washington 98106 Skylark Cafe and Club
Skylark Cafe and Club

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