Spiritual Partnership

  • February 22, 2024 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time

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"Spiritual Partnership" is a complimentary introduction to an enriching series dedicated to deepening one's spiritual life. This workshop is designed to focus on the art of spiritual storytelling, or "maggidut," a practice deeply rooted in tradition and wisdom. In fact, maggidut is a gateway to a world where storytelling transcends mere art, becoming a profound spiritual practice that offers new perspectives on personal and spiritual growth.

The structure of the ongoing program is thoughtfully modeled on the traditional Jewish concept of "chevruta," which emphasizes studying in pairs under the guidance of a teacher. This approach ensures an interactive and deep learning experience, enabling participants to engage with spiritual texts from the Jewish tradition, as well as a rich tapestry of folktales and spiritual stories from various cultures worldwide. 

Through this immersive study, students will not only gain a deeper understanding of these texts and tales but also forge meaningful connections with their spiritual partners. The program is a journey of discovery, where each story reflects personal insights and universal truths, and each partnership becomes a conduit for shared spiritual exploration and growth.

Led by Maggid Jim Brule', who received his ordination ("s'micha") as a maggid from Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum z"tl, the workshop offers a rare opportunity to work with an accomplished maggid and educator. Participants will explore the power of stories in connecting, teaching, and inspiring others - and ourselves. 

This workshop provides a perfect platform to learn more about the program, meet potential fellow candidates, and ask questions about the goals and methods of the program. Importantly, there is no obligation for continuing commitment; the full program is set to commence later in the spring. 

Date & Time

Thu, Feb 22, 2024 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Transformational Storytelling, LLC
The mission of Transformational Storytelling is to help inspire deep, lasting change in individuals, groups, and communities through the power of story.

Here you can both experience transformational stories and learn how to become a transformational storyteller. We have worked with individuals, groups, and communities around the world promoting the growth of spirit that comes from living with an open heart. We do not promote a particular tradition or ideology - our fundamental assumption is that we must truly appreciate the richness of our differences and the joy of our commonality to lead a full life.

We look forward to encountering you in the future!