Spooky Succulent Workshop: Coffin-to-Garden Magic

  • September 29 - October 13, 2023
  • Fitchburg Farms

    1839 Co Rd MM
    Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53575
Ticket Price $15.00 This event is now over

Step into Spooky Season with our "Spooky Succulent Workshop: Coffin-to-Garden Magic." Unleash your creativity as you repurpose a mini coffin into a captivating succulent planter that combines the macabre with the botanical. This workshop is perfect for plant enthusiasts, DIY lovers, and those seeking a spooky touch for their space.

Elegant Transformation: Explore the art of transformation as you breathe new life into a plastic coffin, crafting an extraordinary succulent planter that exudes both mystery and beauty. Choose to keep the holographic clear look, or learn to paint it like stone.

Succulent Selection: Personalize your planter with two succulents of your choice, curating a mini garden that mirrors your style and preferences.

Spooky Decor: Infuse a touch of whimsy by adorning your planter with charming skeleton decorations, adding a playful and distinctive charm.

Greenery Guidance: Receive expert tips on planting and succulent care, ensuring your plants flourish long after the workshop ends.


$15 covers materials, expert guidance and includes:

  • Plastic coffin ready for transformation
  • Two succulents to infuse life and color
  • Skeleton decorations for a spooky allure
  • Quality soil for optimal growth
  • Quick care information for ongoing maintenance
Date & Time

Sep 29 - Oct 13, 2023

Venue Details

Fitchburg Farms

1839 Co Rd MM
Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53575 Fitchburg Farms
Fitchburg Farms