State Champs

  • Jun 3 - Jul 22, 2022
  • Kismet Improv

    1005 Main Street
    Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860
Ticket Price $10.00 This event is now over

What happens when Rhode Island’s best improvisers take it to the mat, swing for the fences and start throwing hail mary passes, all with just 60 minutes on the shot clock? Find out in STATE CHAMPS, the most competitive, fast-paced improv that our little state has ever seen!

Two teams of veteran improvisers go head-to-head to prove who has the better comedic chops. They’ll rotate through a repertoire of classic, modern and modified short form improv games that you know and love to prove that they’re the quickest, wittiest and wildest around. It’s like Whose Line meets professional wrestling — all here in Pawtucket!!!

The kicker? You – the audience – get to decide who takes home the title of STATE CHAMPS!  Your laughs, votes, and cheers will determine who goes home with a bruised ego and who goes home covered in Gatorade (metaphorically speaking — probably). 

Date & Time

Jun 3 - Jul 22, 2022

Venue Details

Kismet Improv

1005 Main Street
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860 Kismet Improv
Kismet Improv

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