Sundogs, Dark Clouds and Smitty & B.Goode

  • July 13, 2024 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Moshpit

    642A King Street
    Erskineville, New South Wales 2043
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Sundogs were fortunate enough to be playing at pivitol time in Australian music and supported great bands such as Midnight Oil, Spy V Spy, Divinyls, Hoodoo Gurus and Boom Crash Opera. They were signed and let go by Festival and released their first independent album ‘Sundogs’ in 1990. 

They played regularly around Sydney headlining and supporting and released a  6 song EP ‘Bark’ in 1993 with Rick O’Neill behind the desk and producing. They released a  video for ‘Sunshine’, which was the first independent release to be played on Video Hits. 
They then recorded another their final album ‘Mu-Mu’ in 1996 with Yak Sherrit in his Melbourne studios. In 1998 they released their last recording ‘On!’ before disbanding in 2001 and reforming in 2021.

Sundogs were a part of the vital music scene in Sydney during the late eighties and nineties, if you went to gigs in those days, there’s no doubt you’ve seen them. The band is reforming with the original lineup, all except Nick , who’ll be replaced by Tasman, the son of Craig on bass,  Dave Power (from the Porkers) and Dan is back behind the drum kit and Pete is back fronting the band. It’s been over 20 years since their final gig (two nights with the Baby Animals in 2000). Don’t miss it!

Dark Clouds

The Dark Clouds are a guitar rock band from the relatively nondescript Australian city of Wollongong.
The “nondescript” tag is meant in the nicest possible way. The ‘Gong used to be a rough and ready, blue-collar, rock and roll town. (I know, I used to hang out there.)
Now the heavy industry is mostly gone and it’s being gentrified. A few rough edges remain, but its status as a fertile rock and roll breeding ground is being steadily chipped away. The short geography lesson is important because it goes to the heart of why bands like The Dark Clouds are important.

No matter how much blandness and homogenisation is foisted on us, how many live music venues are shut or emasculated or how many mind-numbing reality TV talent shows are injected into our lives, we need to hang onto the remnants of things that matter.
The Dark Clouds will remind you that rock and roll is one of them. The Dark Clouds play hard rock anthems in work boots.

"They’re hippies at heart with lyrical call-outs to environmentalism and social justice, and their weapons are stringed and amplified" — THE BARMAN The Dean – vocals Terry Thunder Clap Callan – guitar Rich Hurricane Higgins – bass Cyclone Scott Bradbury – drums                           
The Dean – vocals
Terry Thunder Clap Callan – guitar 
Rich Hurricane Higgins – bass 
Cyclone Scott Bradbury – drums

Smitty & B. Goode

Smitty & B.Goode are the love child of Cramps and Link Ray with tones that would make Buddy Holly proud. 
The band prides itself on a profound rhythm section, with its poignant delivery never letting up., while the guitars and vocals always make good catchy hooks.
Without a doubt, this tight 3-piece and their pop-tastic greatness will keep punter enthralled until the final cymbal crash.

Date & Time

Sat, Jul 13, 2024 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

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642A King Street
Erskineville, New South Wales 2043 Moshpit
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