Supply Chain Insights Solution Demonstration

  • April 30, 2024 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Hybrid: Tech Grove and ZoomGov

    12809 Science Drive
    Orlando, Florida 32826
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“THE SUCCESS OF THE US MILITARY RESTS ON TWO REQUIREMENTS. First, the military must “train as it fights,” completing extensive amounts of training to ensure that it can adequately perform its missions in combat. Second, the defense industrial base must be able to provide a robust supply chain of goods that allows the U.S. military to conduct both training and combat operations. This first requirement hinges on the second requirement since without proper access to equipment and supplies, the U.S. military is not able to conduct its training to standard.”

The Impact of Supply Chain Issues on Military Training and Readiness

Army University Press, July, 2023


Join us on Thursday, 30 April 1500-1630 for a Government-Only demonstration of a supply chain information management system identified through a market scan conducted by Tech Grove for PEO STRI.  You can join us in person or virtually with representatives from the United States Space Force who funded the product development and Provenance Chain, the SBIR awardee who developed and implemented it.    This solution has the potential to be adopted across the Team Orlando services to facilitate cross-services data sharing for early insights into supply chain issues that will delay or hinder the development and fielding of simulation and training solutions.  





Last Fall Tech Grove was tasked by PEO STRI to find potential solutions to the lack of information and insights into supply chain issues that are impacting STRI programs. Lack of standardized data formats, limited insights into the reasons for supply chain issues, depending on contractors to identify alternative sources, and inability to predict issues before contract execution were just some of the problems to be solved. The end goal is to have the ability to upload and edit information in real-time – such as part name, make, model, OEM, dollar value, supplier, etc.– and to have the data visible through dashboards or other data visualization methods. 


If supply chain issues are affecting a PEO STRI program, they likely affect multiple programs across STRI as well as those of the other Team Orlando commands since they are using many of the same supply chains from commercial vendors. Currently, information is not shared across the individual command or multiple commands. If supply chain issues are known to one program, sharing that information may mitigate cost, schedule, and performance risks on other programs. 


Tech Grove embarked on a market scan to identify and assess multiple COTS products and determine potential solutions that could address STRI’s needs as well as be used by multiple Team Orlando commands. 


The most promising one identified was funded by the USSF through the SBIR program and has been implemented by the USSF to ensure national security space launches are safe and get their payload to orbit. 


The PARTS application creates a digital representation of every physical part and company that is in their supply chain for rockets.  They can upload the relevant data of those objects and share them securely between different organizations.  They can evaluate the data against standards to verify its accuracy and authenticity and aggregate it to create value-added metrics to view the health of the supply chain.  It implements a standardized interface and tool across the launch provider teams enhancing information sharing.  The USSF has indicated the time and labor cost savings are already evident in that what previously required 5 people & 3 days now takes 2 people and 30 minutes.

On Tuesday, 30 April 1500-1630 EDT, Tech Grove will host a demonstration of the PARTS platform developed by The Provenance Chain for the USSF.  Representatives from The Provenance Chain and the USSF will join us to provide insights into the platform and how it is addressing key USSF needs. 



Date & Time

Tue, Apr 30, 2024 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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Hybrid: Tech Grove and ZoomGov

12809 Science Drive
Orlando, Florida 32826 Hybrid:  Tech Grove and ZoomGov
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