• April 15 - May 20, 2024
  • The Healing Shoppe

    316 North Mountain Avenue
    Upland, California 91786
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The Tarot beautifully symbolizes the human condition.  With each card of the tarot depicting a common experience people can relate to.  By breaking the cards down to easy-to-understand concepts using archetypes, suits, elements, numbers, symbology, Elizabeth hopes to give the student a foundation to read the tarot both literally and intuitively.  Class will be using the Rider-Waite Deck. 


Some of what the students will learn:  

History of Tarot

Tarot archetypes

What card suits represent

Basic numerology and tarot

Tarot elements

Tarot symbology

How to care and handle the cards

How to prepare for a reading

Tarot meditation

Cultivating intuition

Story weaving with the cards

Including the client into the reading

Practicing tarot reading in class

How to do different kinds of reading i.e.  relationships, money, past/present/future

How to give a great reading


About the Instructor:

Elizabeth has 25 years of experience reading and teaching Tarot.  She has a keen interest in how history, esoteric societies, and different metaphysical practices such as astrology, numerology and qabalah have influenced the symbolism of the tarot.  But what she loves most is reading and teaching tarot with others. Whether it was reading tarot privately, at a café, worldwide online or teaching a group class, Elizabeth loves the connection that happens when sharing tarot with others.  Elizabeth is available for private readings, workshops, and teaches both individual and group classes. 

Date & Time

Apr 15 - May 20, 2024

Venue Details

The Healing Shoppe

316 North Mountain Avenue
Upland, California 91786 The Healing Shoppe
The Healing Shoppe Crystal Boutique

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