Team Coaching Series

  • November 10, 2022 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time

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Join two accomplished storytellers - Jim Brulé and Maja Bumberák - in this series of 3 workshops, where the participants will have the opportunity to experience a unique model of team coaching. We designed this process for only 6 participants to ensure the best experience possible. We will dive deeply into the ways that oral storytelling affects us as storytellers, and how to be even more effective at oral storytelling.  


We will meet from 11 am - 1:30 pm EST on these three dates; your registration is good for all three sessions.

  • 10 Nov
  • 17 Nov
  • 1 Dec


In the workshops, we will explore the story of each participant, where the workshop leaders are facilitating the coaching process but eventually, the whole group is invited to join in. Through this we can use the power of the group, channeling in the various points of view, appreciations, and gifts with each of the participants, making the whole process richer. Furthermore, we will also immerse in various storytelling activities to richen our understanding and experience connected to each story.


Participants may expect to: 

  • explore and understand deeper meanings a story may be holding for us
  • find connections between a story and our lives
  • immerse in a story and work with its imagery and thus deepen our relationship with it
  • explore the relationship of story, teller, and listener
  • understand ways to connect with the listeners and make the story more compelling for them
  • understand how the story and the teller are braided together in the course of preparing a story as well as in the course of sharing it, and explore the possibilities of transformation in both
  • enjoy community work in a supportive learning environment


Please, bring a story you would like to work on. Bring your curiosity, openness, insights, questions, appreciations, and of course, please be ready to listen and share.



Jim Brulé is a storyteller, teacher, coach, and organizational consultant whose experience spans several decades. As a maggid, he creates opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation through encounters with stories, whether in performances, classes, or individual guidance. He has delivered programs to storytelling organizations around the world, and classes in digital storytelling at the university level. His training programs in leadership, and collaboration have been well-received by commercial, non-profit, and religious institutions.


Maja Bumberák is a renowned storyteller, singer, and educator based in Budapest, Hungary. She tours the world, sharing stories and songs from Hungarian folklore and other cultures, in Hungarian and English. She also applies and leads story work in various group processes, where self-awareness and the community- and bridge-building role of stories is emphasized. She researches the Hungarian oral tradition. As a scholarship holder of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, she created a 4-day training in oral storytelling for teachers, student teachers, and other professionals, accredited by the Hungarian education authority. 

Date & Time

Thu, Nov 10, 2022 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM

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