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  • Jan 13 - 15, 2022
  • US Mountain Standard Time

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Barbara Brown just can’t get it together; a thirty-seven-year-old single web designer with mountains of student debt, she comes home to her ungrateful cat after waiting two hours for an online date who never shows up. That’s when her mother sends her an article by female empowerment guru Sarah Samantha Summers. Initially disgusted, Barbara signs up for Sarah’s online program, and her life begins to improve dramatically. But when Barbara’s life takes a turn for the worst, she sets out to take revenge on Sarah...

Artist Bio:

Catherine Barnes is a musician, actor, and writer based in San Diego, California. Her two solo shows have won awards at Fringe festivals from Tucson to Hollywood. 

Azo Safo is a Los Angeles-based actor and solo performer of athletic ability. She has performed her award-winning solo show “I Heart Maroc” at Hollywood Fringe, Namba Arts Womens’ Voices Festival, and Binge Fringe at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Shirley Coggon is a musician, writer, and actor based in San Diego, California. She studied improv comedy in LA and currently plays trombone in a salsa orchestra. 

Date & Time

Jan 13 - 15, 2022

Tucson Fringe Festival

The Tucson Fringe Festival is an unjuried, uncensored performing arts festival. Following international fringe tenets, the festival provides artists with low-risk, low-cost opportunities to perform by using economies of scale to reduce venue rental costs and by taking 0% of the artist’s earnings. Additionally, the festival also provides the Tucson arts community with avant-garde, non-traditional performing arts at very low ticket prices. Finally, the festival does not curate or select the performances, maintaining an environment in which everyone and anyone can perform. This ensures that underrepresented artistic voices are championed in our community.