The Body & Dis Fig, Cel Genesis, Thou, Nails Club

  • July 28, 2024 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • The Broadside

    600 North Broad Street
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
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The Body & Dis Fig

The Body & Dis Fig are a natural pair. Each has pioneered instantly recognizable worlds of sound alltheir own that defy any traditional categorizations or boundaries. The Body, Lee Buford and Chip King, continually challenge any conventional conception of metal, collaborating with myriad artists and from the folk-leanings of their work with BIG|BRAVE to their groundbreaking work with the Assembly of Light Choir to the intensity of their collaborations with OAA or Thou. Dis Fig, aka Felicia Chen, pushes electronic music into dark extremes, from warped DJ sets to avant production, from being a member of Tianzhuo Chen’s performance- art series TRANCE to being the vocalist with The Bug. The Body and Dis Fig find kinship in reimagining what it means to make “heavy music”. Their debut Orchards of a Futile Heaven is the perfect synthesis of two forces, twisting melodicism and intoxicating rhythms, layering a dense miasma of distortion with intense beats and a soaring voice clawing its way towards absolutionThe two found kinship in their desire to find new avenues to make heavy music that looked beyond tropes of metal and electronic music by merging the two.  Orchards of a Futile Heaven affirms The Body & Dis Fig as skilled sound sculptors who have an exceptional ability to make deeply affecting music, bracing as it is touching, harrowing as it is awe-inspiring. Together, the two have harnessed their expansive artistry to make music that is profoundly emotional, and staggering in its beauty.

Cel Genesis

Oakland CA project Cel Genesis combines an aggressive mixture of hardcores and electronic themes under the guise of a dystopic megacorporation with the same name. Horrifying visuals and strobe lights assault viewers between gabber kicks and pristine sound design.

Cel Genesis Innovations, Known For Pioneering Strides In Non-terrestrial Biomedical Industrial Development, Are Advancing The Human Condition Yet Again With Patented New Methodologies In Tissue-Machine Transmission, World-Class Standards For Privatized Research-to-Defense Platforms, And Have Become Global Leaders In Biological Solutions and Patient Liquefaction Technologies! Reserve Your Participation Immediately For Upcoming Cel Genesis P2P Networking Forums And Change Into "Something Unrecognizable, Something Beautiful."


Thou is a punk band playing doomy, sludgy metal; originally from Baton Rouge, most of the band now lives in New Orleans. 


Nail Club

Nail Club is minimal synth from New Orleans.

Date & Time

Sun, Jul 28, 2024 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Venue Details

The Broadside

600 North Broad Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119 The Broadside
The Broadside


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