The Dirty Bee Flower Farm 2024 You Pick Flower Experience

  • July 13 - September 28, 2024
  • The Dirty Bee Flower Farm

    3420 Turnbull Road
    West Kelowna, British Columbia V4T 1W3
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Embark on a leisurely stroll through over 12,000 square feet and 70 varieties of seasonal flowers and watch the busy honeybees hard at work collecting nectar or spot a tired bumble bee napping in the soft petals of a flower bloom. 

Whether you're flying solo, enjoying a day out with friends, or seeking a fun family activity, our You Pick Flowers Experience promises moments of joy and connection amidst nature's bounty. Enjoy the lasting beauty of flowers when you bring home your beautiful hand-picked selections.

Join us at The Dirty Bee Flower Farm and immerse yourself in the beauty and fragrance of fresh locally grown blooms for an unforgettable experience.

Date & Time

Jul. 13 - Sep. 28, 2024

Venue Details

The Dirty Bee Flower Farm

3420 Turnbull Road
West Kelowna, British Columbia V4T 1W3 The Dirty Bee Flower Farm
The Dirty Bee Flower Farm

Friends and Flower lovers... thank you for your support over the last couple of years. Crazy Dazy Flower Fun has grown and we want you to see the changes that have come thanks to the great support from all of you!

Welcome to The Dirty Bee Flower farm! We are Arlene & Derrick Schuppener and together we own and operate the Dirty Bee Flower Farm where we grow over 75 varieties of annual and perennial flowers for cutting. People are always using phrases like “Change is good” and “There is no time like the present”. We nod and agree and go about our daily lives, working our jobs, keeping our schedules, and sometimes, believing that what we are passionate about is just a hobby or a dream. We did just that. Until we didn’t.  

We bid farewell to our respective careers and decided to make a change. We set out to turn our passions for farming, floral design, and hospitality into our full-time focus. We have strived to develop a flower farm that consistently grows lasting, healthy, and beautiful flowers through efficient, high-intensity, and sustainable farming practices and to continually focus on the beauty and joy that our harvest delivers.  

We have been as busy as our bees getting ready and we can’t wait to welcome you to The Dirty Bee Flower Farm!