The Early Pleistocene Fossil Fauna and Flora at Stratford Hall - A Steadily Expanding Story"

  • October 7, 2023 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time

Ticket Price $0.00-$30.00 This event is now over

Join presenters, Dr. Robert Weems and Bryan Landacre of the Florence Bascom Geoscience Center as they discuss the story preserved within the Bacons Castle Formation found within the cliffs high above Stratford Hall's beach. By analyzing the pollen and animal fossils recovered from the cliffs and beach, Dr. Weems and Mr. Landacre will reconstruct the paleoecology of an interglacial age that occurred approximately 1.6 million years ago. Long unrecognized and unexplored, the fossil animals and plants found in the Bacons Castle Formation provide a clear picture of what the Stratford Hall region was like during the Early Pleistocene.   

For an additional cost, following the presentation, Dr. Weems and Mr. Landacre will join participants down at the Potomac River for an hour-long fossil walk. Space will be limited.

This program will be offered in-person and virtually.  On the day of, tickets available at the gate will be for the lecture only. Pre-registration is required to attend virtually and for the Potomac River fossil walk.

Event Pricing: 

Zoom Lecture Attendance: $10.00

In-Person Lecture Attendance: $20.00

Friends of Stratford member In-Person Lecture Attendance: $15.00

In-Person Lecture & 1-hour Fossil Walk - $30.00 

Date & Time

Sat, Oct 7, 2023 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Stratford Hall Historic Preserve

Stratford Hall brings together people from around the world to experience two-thousand acres of natural and human history, preserved and presented so that we can all learn from the courageous struggles of our ancestors, taking inspiration both from what they endured and what they accomplished. There are few places in America where people can travel down small, rural roads to arrive at a vast site that preserves so many aspects of early-American life, from the Great House where the influential Lee family helped to forge a new nation, to the fields worked by enslaved Africans, to the waters of the rivers that fueled trade, to the ground, which still yields secrets about the people and animals that lived before.

Come experience this extraordinary place and learn about a layered history that began millions of years ago - a history that continues to educate, inspire, and influence Americans to the present day.