The Omega Transmission: A Sacred Rendezvous

  • April 13, 2024 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Mountain Standard Time

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This ecstatic transmission of Divine Feminine energy is the energy that birthed the Universe... and must be experienced to grasp what is possible.


Immerse yourself in A Sacred Rendezvous with the Divine Feminine. This spectacular, one-of-a-kind gathering for women is a unique fusion of spirituality and eroticism that is sure to touch the deepest depths of your soul and enliven every cell in your body.



About the Event

We invite you to join us in a profound journey of Sensual Awakening. The Omega Transmission offers an energetic ORGASMIC ACTIVATION, inviting you into your fullest creative potential and a deep connection to the bliss, ecstasy, and orgasmic flow within. It is sacred... DIVINE... and accessible to all of us, in our bodies, in this lifetime.


How would you explain what an orgasm feels like to someone who has never experienced an orgasm? 


The Omega Transmission is galaxies beyond what you know to be an orgasm, even if you've tried tantra or have energy orgasms.


If you have been desiring to attend The Omega Transmission in person, but your schedule or budget did not allow it to come to fruition, or you didn’t yet have the courage to dive headfirst into the deep waters of the Divine Feminine, A Sacred Rendezvous offers a tremendous opportunity to dip your toe into the experience from the privacy of your own home.


Although A Sacred Rendezvous is an online sampling of the full, in-person Omega Transmission, it is still a profoundly powerful portal for rebirth. There is no time and space in energy work - it works the same as if you are in-person, no matter where you are in the world when you receive the transmission. The day after attending online from another continent, one woman had a spontaneous, two-hour-long, full body orgasm followed by eleven days of bliss! Others have felt the energy in the entire room they were in expand and electrify.


This specific Sacred Rendezvous is for women only and is 18+.

What’s included?

1) A Sacred Rendezvous
Saturday, April 13, 2024

Noon-2:00pm ET

Due to the vulnerable and sacred nature of this online experience, it will NOT be recorded. Please plan to attend live.


2) Integration Call
Saturday, April 27, 2024

Noon-1:00pm ET

Attending the integration call live is preferred, however, if you cannot attend live, the call will be recorded and sent to all attendees of A Sacred Rendezvous.

Your Facilitators

Renowned mystic Jenny Adams has dedicated her life to creating Equilibrium between the feminine and masculine on a global scale — through an ecstatic transmission of Divine Feminine energy. Her transmission is sure to leave you mesmerized and transformed. By embodying the Divine Goddess, Jenny shows what is possible in every woman. It is through the reverence of the feminine that ALL people are liberated.


Priestess Maurya Sullivan will be hosting, facilitating, and holding the sacred container for the online experience.


In a purely devotional role, Dan Powers will be highly attuned to and focused on Jenny during her transmission so she can fully surrender. Dan will be taking care of all her needs and safety. His masculine presence models what is possible when the masculine reveres the feminine.


What to Expect

A spiritual awakening, free of dogma. An erotic challenge, free of shame. A stark reflection, free of judgment.


What if the Divine Feminine appeared before you in her most raw and vulnerable form? What if her presence, rapturous and unbridled, offered not a glimpse of what is wrong with you, but a gateway to all that is right with you? What if her tears, her pleasure, and her surrender provided a path to your highest potential?


The Omega Transmission lies beyond these simplistic concepts and language, and yet embraces all of them. 


Your role is to prepare your sacred space, witness, and receive. This is a space of radical acceptance and unconditional love.


Mature content, including nudity, may be present. Jenny’s transmission can get loud. Please be aware if you are wearing headphones or are in a space where others may hear loud noises. As this is a powerful energetic experience, please ensure you read The Omega Transmission's terms and conditions for further safety information.



What Women are Saying

“As soon as Jenny walked into the room. I started weeping. It was like you [Jenny] were all women. You represented every single one of us. Divine beauty and extraordinary energy!”   REBECCA

“I felt the energy really moving through my body, a lot of high vibrational energy. Weeks later, it was as if the universe was making love to me!”   KATHLEEN

“[I experienced] an emotional release of a lot of the feelings that have kept me from feeling safe or ecstatic and orgasmic, and now I can channel that orgasmic energy whenever I tune in!”   TARA

Join Us and Rendezvous with The Divine Feminine

This is your invitation to ecstasy. Are you ready to be bathed in life-force?

Date & Time (Mountain Standard Time)

Sat, Apr 13, 2024 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Omega Transmission