The Ultimate Shaolin Animal Techniques - Menlo Park (4/20/2024)

  • Menlo Park Studio

    1131 Chestnut St
    Menlo Park, California 94025
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Grandmaster Taylor will be conducting an exciting Seminar on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at the  Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studio in Menlo Park. The seminar entitled “The Ultimate Shaolin Animal Techniques” will demonstrate how to use their unique & powerful movements for sparring and self-defense.

The seminar is designed for all ranks (beginner and advanced) giving each student the opportunity to learn new skills and exciting techniques while practicing self-defense drills. 

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to study and train with the Grandmaster of Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios and founder of the Kenpo Lineage Association (KLA) during this unprecedented event.

The cost for the seminar is $100.00 for KLA members and $149.00 for Non-KLA members.  New members will receive a Kenpo Lineage Association Certificate of Membership, KLA patch and discounts on future KLA events. Grandmaster Taylor will award KLA Certificates and patches to new members at the conclusion of the event. 

"I developed this curriculum so students at every level could enjoy learning valuable techniques to enhance their Martial Arts ability." ~ Grandmaster Paul Taylor

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Menlo Park Studio

1131 Chestnut St
Menlo Park, California 94025 Menlo Park Studio