"The Winter Solstice in Story and Song" Video on Demand: Video accessible anytime Dec 20-28

  • December 18, 2020 - 28, 2023
  • Eastern Standard Time

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This beautifully edited video captures the essence of this acclaimed story and music trio's Winter Solstice event. Filmed at New Hampshire Theater Project's intimate theater, "The Winter Solstice in Story and Song" is available as a Video on Demand  through the entire holiday season: December 20th - 28th.  If possible, please purchase a ticket for each viewer. We are independent performers and rely on ticket sales!

The Legend of the Mistletoe adapted by Diane Edgecomb from Norse Myths - musical accompaniment by Tom Megan

About The Winter Solstice in Story and Song: 
Celebrate the Winter Solstice with haunting legends of light, evergreen traditions, and entertaining tales surrounded by traditional and original music and song. Master storyteller Diane Edgecomb brings to life ancient tales of the longest nights. Featured stories include the beautiful Legend of the Mistletoe from Scandinavia, humorous English Wassail traditions, and the poignant Greek legend The Halcyon Days of Peace. Accompanied by Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain and multi-instrumentalist Tom Megan this performance offers a fascinating look at the humorous and moving stories behind winter holiday traditions. Songs evocative of the season and lovely instrumental melodies round out the event. 

"A storyteller in the grand tradition, Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word, an entire cast rolled into one." Publisher's Weekly

Diane Edgecomb is one of America’s leading storytellers, winner of the ORACLE award for Storytelling Excellence in the Northeast, the National Circle of Excellence award and five Storytelling World awards. Diane is known for the passion and depth of her work whether embodying a true story or bringing renewed meaning to traditional tales. A transformational teller with a rich background in the theatre arts, her dynamic storytelling embraces elements of theatre, movement and song bringing each piece vividly to life. 

Margot Chamberlain has performed with numerous early music groups including many years with the Revels. Trained as a “GentleMUSE,” Margot has also played harp for staff and patients at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute for many years. Accompanist for Diane for over thirty years, her versatile approach to harp and song brings an underlying poetic weave to support each tale. 

Tom Megan: A composer and playwright as well as a musician, Tom has written the score for several of Diane and Margot’s Storytelling and Harp combinations. He has written several full-length musicals and is a winner of numerous awards for the musical stage including the prestigious Richard Rogers award. Along with Margot he accompanies the performance of Yuletide tales using a combination of piano, synthesizer, guitar and accordion.

Diane’s Storytelling Concerts have toured the US, the UK and beyond. Her solo show, A Thousand Doorways her solo performance on gathering the folkloric tales of the Kurds in the mountain villages of Turkey received raves and five star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018. “An epic story told with consummate skill!”- The Stage UK. Her seasonal performance-events with Celtic Harper Margot Chamberlain celebrate the Winter Solstice as well as myths and music from cultures around the world. Now available as performance videos, expertly filmed in beautiful locations from Scotland to the International Storytelling Center Diane’s award-winning Story and Music Concerts may be streamed in real time to your audience! For additional engagement, Diane leads a lively Q and A at the end. 

Date & Time

Dec 18 - 28, 2023

Diane Edgecomb - LivingMyth Events

Winner of the first Oracle Award for Storytelling Excellence in the Northeast and the national Circle of Excellence, Diane is known for the passion and depth of her work whether embodying a true story or bringing renewed meaning to traditional tales. A featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival, the International Storytelling Center and on National Public Radio, Diane’s transformational telling style, in which she fully embodies the characters and moments in a tale brings listeners to the heart of every story. When accompanied by Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain the performances include a rich variety of songs and music from cultures around the world. Publisher’s Weekly stated, “A storyteller in the grand tradtion, Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word…an entire cast rolled into one!”

Diane's Living Myth Events bring together ancient myths and modern landscapes to create new and vital intersections of Myth and Life. The image for Living Myth is of a turtle lifted to new worlds on the wings of birds, symbolizing how ancient truths are carried forward on the wings of story.