Tiesday at the Collective

  • April 30 - May 28, 2024
  • The Collective

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    Santa Ana, 0 92703
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Welcome to "Tiesday at the Collective," where every knot tells a story, and every Tuesday unfolds a new chapter in the art of rope. We're thrilled to introduce our resident rope maestro, Kemo, who will guide you through the intricate, captivating world of rope artistry.


Whether you're a novice eager to learn the basics or an enthusiast looking to refine your skills, Tiesday is your weekly rendezvous with creativity, connection, and craftsmanship.


Event Highlights


Expert Guidance: Learn from Kemo, our resident rope artist, known for their exceptional skill, creativity, and ability to teach the art of rope tying to enthusiasts of all levels.

Hands-On Learning: Each session features live demonstrations, hands-on practice, and personalized feedback to help you master the ropes.

Community and Connection: Join a vibrant community of rope art enthusiasts. Share your passion, learn from others, and forge new connections every Tiesday.

Special Themes & Techniques: From basic knots to intricate patterns, every week brings something new.

Join Us Every Tuesday


Where: The Collective


When: Every Tuesday, 7-9pm


What to Bring: Curiosity and creativity (Rope and materials will be provided)


No experience? No problem! Tiesday is designed for participants of all skill levels. Come ready to learn, explore, and be part of a unique artistic journey.


RSVP & More Information


Spaces are limited to ensure a quality learning experience for everyone.


Tie it up at "Tiesday at the Collective" and let your creativity unravel!


We can't wait to see you there and witness the amazing ties you'll create!



Date & Time

Apr 30 - May 28, 2024

Venue Details

The Collective

Given when vetted
Santa Ana, 0 92703 The Collective
The Collective