Tim Grimm - Depot Concert

  • May 5, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • The Depot

    200 South Jones Avenue
    Norman, Oklahoma 73069
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Tim Grimm is a bit of a Renaissance man in the performing arts world, forging a rich and varied career that blends his love of songwriting, travel, and acting in theatre, film and television. For most of his 25-year career as a storytelling balladeer in the tradition of John Prine, Woody Guthrie, and Bob Dylan, Tim has written primarily about community, history, family, and social issues - often framed by his strong sense of place and the many years he spent on the family farm he built in rural Indiana. His songs are filled with rural characters and landscapes, written and sung with vivid warmth and intimacy. 

Tim’s new album, THE LITTLE IN-BETWEEN (March 2023), is an evocative evolution from his previous albums - and his most personal to date, written in three intense months during the winter of 2021-22. This album traces his travel between the hills of southern Indiana and the Oklahoma prairie - and his internal journey from a rich past to an unexpected future - using a first-person voice in every song to illuminate a deep inner territory that historically remained more submerged in his work. This fertile creative year also yielded forays into visual art, with Tim using pastels and charcoal to create striking folk-art style triptychs, pieces of which now form the visual art featured on the new album cover and booklet. 

Tim’s second-newest album, GONE was the #1 album on folk radio for 2021, and its title song was released as a single in October of 2020 and ended up the #1 most played song on Folk radio for the year. 

Tim Grimm will be joined by Sergio Webb. Sergio was born in Texas, became a kind of cult member of Nashville royalty during his years in Tennessee, and currently lives in New Mexico. He’s a sharp dresser and has one of the finest collection of cowboy boots and hats seen on any non-country musical artist. Sergio is a greatly admired sideman on guitars- electric and acoustic, banjo, and more. He has toured the world with David Olney (including a Depot concert), Gail Davies, Pinto Bennett, Richard Dobson and most recently did a 2 month Tour of Western Europe with Tim Grimm in Fall of ’23, after recording with him on Tim’s latest release- The Little In-Between. They’ll be back there this Fall as well— and working on a new album together. Sergio stays still and listens. He really listens. You’ll be glad he’s a part of the show.

Date & Time

Sun, May 5, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue Details

The Depot

200 South Jones Avenue
Norman, Oklahoma 73069 The Depot
The Depot

The Depot, located in the historic Santa Fe Train Depot, is an arts organization and event venue.  It produces the Summer Breeze Concert Series, The Depot Gallery, Depot Concerts, Depot TV, and serves as the venue for community gatherings, workshops, and events.  The facility is available to the public as a rental venue for weddings, gatherings, and other activities by contacting us at office@normandepot.org.  

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