Tiny Dinosaur Album Release Party with Bon Bon Vivant and Sam Doores

  • Fri, Apr 8, 2022 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • The Broadside

    600 North Broad Street
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
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Tiny Dinosaur is New Orleans’ premiere fantasy-folk band. Standing at the intersection of indie, country and folk music, the band is known for their three-part harmonies and tall-tale allegories.

Composed of six educators, Tiny Dinosaur started as a singer-songwriter project by the band’s lead singer Josey, who first began writing his own songs after moving to New Orleans in 2016. His lyrics often border on the absurd, but upon closer inspection reveal deeper themes about intimate topics like love, self doubt, and holding onto memories of those who aren’t around anymore. After joining forces with banjoist/vocalist Dusky Waters, the duo continued to add members like they were forming a Dungeons & Dragons party, with each addition contributing something unique that pushed their music in new directions. The band capitalizes on the talent of its members to create an ever-evolving sound that incorporates a varied instrumentation, from electric guitar and upright bass, to melodica and viola. It is difficult to listen to Tiny Dinosaur without moving your feet or to leave a performance without one of their songs stuck in your head.

The band recorded their debut album “Songs for the Mass Extinction Event” over the past two years at UNO Studios with engineer and lead guitarist Conner McCready. Their debut show at the Broadside Theater on April 8th is a celebration of the album’s release. This collection of songs runs the gamut between Gogol Bordello-inspired dance numbers, honky-tonk ballads about revolution, and quiet finger-style guitar numbers about witches and rituals that truly showcases the breadth of musicality and perspectives that Tiny Dinosaur embodies. The band is over the moon to be playing with Bon Bon Vivant and Sam Doores for this show, two local groups that have been an inspiration to the band. Tiny Dinosaur is also in the midst of planning a tour of the Midwest to support the album this Spring that will take them from Little Rock to Detroit to Pittsburgh to Asheville and many more places! 



Written on-and-off over the course of several years, Doores’ captivating self-titled debut is classic and contemporary all at once, blending traditional southern roots with adventurous sonic landscapes as it reckons with heartache and loss, love and gratitude, fresh starts and, ultimately, a whole lotta change. Doores’ timeless ear for songcraft and easygoing delivery combine here to yield a sound that feels instantly familiar, full of comfort and warmth even as it breaks bold new ground. The performances are infectious in their ease, simple on the surface but built on foundations of deep emotional and harmonic complexity that belie their amiable exteriors. It’s a dynamic that Doores is quick to credit to producer Anders ‘Ormen’ Christopherson, whose chance email sparked the entire project.


Bon Bon Vivant is an indie band from New Orleans that electrifies audiences across the country with their signature blend of jazz/ americana/ dark ballads and up-tempo indie dance rock. BBVs original music pays homage to the bawdy New Orleans sound while infusing an indie flavor that leaves a lasting mark on listeners. This genre bending band's original songs are joyous, fierce, honest and heartbreaking as they chronicle life and all it entails through the sounds of the minor keys. Bon Vivant : a person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle appreciating food, drink, and music.A live performance of  Bon Bon Vivant embodies this spirit of revelry and celebration. BBV honors this philosophy and the city where they live, New Orleans. The band experiments with high energy dance music and dark, sensual melodies with lyrics like "start living now while you've got living left.” This music embodies the duality of enjoying the light because the darkness is always near! 

A true family band. Helmed by songwriter /front-woman Abigail Cosio and her husband, saxophonist Jeremy Kelley, sister-harmony by Glori Cosio. Abigail’s rich lyrics are complemented perfectly by the blood harmonies of the two Cosio sisters creating a hauntingly beautiful sound-scape to this already big sound. The bands unique instrumentation is also a thing to watch, a Sousaphone and Accordion make this bands sound stand out among the noise leaving listeners reaching to identify what kind of music this is that they are hearing. With brass horns and a rotating cast of New Orleans musicians coming through, this sound is alive and something to experience.

 Locally, BBV  is one of the highlighted acts in the New Orleans music scene, Awarded Best Emerging Artist of 2018 by Off Beat Magazine. BBV tours regularly spreading the gospel of decadence and revelry with their infectious live shows. A second full length studio album is coming out soon with a supporting tour.  See them play all over the country in theaters, clubs, festivals, and even the occasional pop-up street busk. This band has a truly timeless, infectious and unique sound!

Date & Time

Fri, Apr 8, 2022 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Venue Details

The Broadside

600 North Broad Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119 The Broadside
The Broadside

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