Tony Furtado, featuring Luke Price on Fiddle

  • December 14, 2023 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Folk School of Fayetteville

    207 West Center Street
    Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
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FOLK SCHOOL OF FAYETTEVILLE is located one block from the Fayetteville Square, in the historic 1840's  Walker Stone House, just across the street from Arsaga's Coffee Church & Center.

Concerts at the Folk School are a listening environment - House Concert Style.
“Tony Furtado, banjo player, is a big way,” writes banjo master Tony Trischka in his liner notes to Decembering, the brand-new album from Tony Furtado. “He’s planted his flag in the midst of the fertile ground that is modern banjo. Texturally fresh, confidently audacious, rich and giving, this recording is a masterpiece.”

It’s been over thirty years since Tony Furtado first made his mark on Planet Banjo with the release of his debut album on Rounder Records, Swamped. He was—and still is—traditionally rooted, progressively oriented, and a composer of rare skill. Decembering is a welcome return to the banjo and a much-needed ray of sunshine and light in these troubled times.

Because of the pandemic, Decembering was recorded in
isolation, with no face-to-face contact between musicians. “I started
this in my basement (affectionately called Squirrelville Studio) just as
the pandemic began,” explains Tony. “The process was simple but really challenging. I would record my parts first, send them out to each player to put down their parts one at a time, sometimes doubling back to re-record each part to fit better as the tune grew and evolved. It was like a game of audio ping-pong.”

Recording an album with this process was quite a feat, but Decembering is well worth the extra effort thatwasrequired. ThealbumcontainseighttunesTonywroteonforthebanjoandcellobanjo,plusaBeatles cover (“Here Comes the Sun”) and a new take on a traditional fiddle tune, “Nimrod Hornpipe,” reimagined as a Brazilian folk song. Tony’s original tunes and inventive arrangements make this an album that rewards careful, repeated listening. Tony’s banjo is front and center, both the regular five-string and the lower-tuned cello banjo. He’s also a brilliant slide guitarist, though in this case, it’s here to support the banjo.

Tony is joined on Decembering by a stellar cast of musicians who rose to the challenges presented by recording an album in isolation. The roster included some folks Tony has played with over the years and some he’s admired but never worked with, including John Doyle on guitar & bouzouki (Solas), Todd Sickafoose on bass (Ani DiFranco/Anais Mitchell), Rob Burger on keyboards & accordion (Iron & Wine/Tin Hat Trio), fiddler Luke Price (Love, Dean), cellist Tristan Clarridge (Bee Eaters), mandolinists Mike Marshall & Matt Flinner, and drummers Scott Amendola, Aaron Johnston, & Carter McClean.

Feeling that we all needed some light and some hope, Tony wanted Decembering to be a heartfelt and vivid statement. There's a real sense of joy that comes through on every cut on this recording from a veteran and truly original musician. In the words of Tony Trischka, "Considering that this album was created as the pandemic was revving up, this is one mighty silver lining."

“A banjo album recorded during a pandemic” sounds like the punchline to a bad banjo joke, but Decembering is one of the deepest, most satisfying albums in Tony’s catalog, a soulful, tuneful meditation on the craziness and chaos of the past year and a half.


Luke Price is a multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and studio musician based in Portland, OR. He has his roots in American fiddling and swing traditions, which have influenced his rhythm, taste, and style as they have spread into Soul, Jazz, Pop, and Americana. Luke brings a unique voice to any music he plays, whether he’s on the fiddle, electric guitar, or singing.

Growing up in Boise, Idaho, Luke began competing in fiddle contests and playing around the country. He’s won a plethora of contests, awards, and scholarships. He is a four-time (and current) National Fiddle Champion. His love for rhythm and improvisation born out of these traditional music styles led him to Boston, MA to attend The Berklee College of Music, where he met his now wife and musical partner, Rachael Price, to form their Soul Pop band, “Love, DEAN.” After graduation, they moved to Portland, OR where they continue to play, teach, and write.

Luke has played with a variety of outstanding musicians and always tends to bring some good times to any music he’s making. He is known for his taste, rhythm, tight harmonies, and inventive ideas. He has toured, played, and recorded with folks including Tony Furtado, Scott Law, Jesse Harper (of Love Canon), Stephen Malkmus, Lee Ann Womack, Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, Simon Chrisman, Ben Krakauer, Matt Hartz, and John Hermann.

Luke’s website:

Date & Time

Thu, Dec 14, 2023 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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Folk School of Fayetteville

207 West Center Street
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 Folk School of Fayetteville
Folk School of Fayetteville

FOLK SCHOOL OF FAYETTEVILLE is a 501(c)3 non-profit music organization popularly known as Fayetteville Roots. 
For over a 13 years we have carried out our mission to connnect community through music and food. Over that time we have fostered concerts & community/educational events in Northwest Arkansas. We believe in our music community and strive to create opportunies for connections and learning. 

In 2022 one of our signature events, the Fayetteville Roots Festival, was paused. 2023 brings a new chapter and a new location for our organization. The Folk School of Fayetteville, located in the historic Walker Stone House near the Fayetteville Square, will open in late Spring 2023 with space for lessons, classes, workshops, jams, and more.

What is a Folk School and why do you need to know about it?
Folk Schools originated as a way for communities to learn from each other, especially vital to communities that didn’t have access to “formal education”.     Folk Schools create an environment that encourages People teaching People, rather than a classical education approach of Professor and Student.

Folk School of Fayetteville is continuing this model by providing space for musicians to learn from each other, for new players to learn, and for long time musicians to develop new technique and skills — and this is available to ALL the FOLKS (people).  Folk School is open to all genres, identities, and cultures, and is excited to host music that is as dynamic and varied as our community.

Folk School of Fayetteville is buit on the body of work (13 years) of Fayetteville Roots Festival, and is fostered on many of its guiding principles:
Create opportunities for our music community
Support and present multivaried music genres, identities, & cultures
Commitment to free & low-cost community learning
Creative re-use of existing urban spaces
Collaboration with the community & music/arts organizations
Low waste & low impact sustainable events

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