Tug-O-War Championship at the ASHG Registration

  • Sat, Jun 26, 2021 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Alaska Scottish Highland Games

    2075 Glenn Highway, Palmer, AK

Ticket Price $0.00-$100.00 Buy Tickets

It’s time to take the battle to the field!  Register now for the Tug-O-War Alaskan Championship at the 40th Annual Alaska Scottish Highland Games.  Can you form a team that’s capable of dethroning the 2019 Champions, Masters of Iron? Register today to find out! 

There is a team registration fee of $100 per team, but that registration fee includes 12 two-day entry tickets to this year’s Games!  That’s a significant discount from prices at the gate.  Simply have a “Team Captain” register and pay for your team (“Team Registration”).  Once your team is registered, individual team members can come back and register as “Team Members” at no additional cost.

Don’t forget, the first four teams that sign-up will get shirts for their team!  Sign up today!

Event Rules:

  • This event is held as a “catch weight” class, which means it’s an open class with no weight limit;
  • Bracket positioning for teams is determined by a random draw pre-event;
  • Teams consist of no more than 11 pulling members, male or female, with one non-pulling coach;
  • Eight pulling members allowed per match with substitutions allowed between matches, but not once a match starts;
  • Match winners are determined by the best two out of three pulls (12-foot pulls);
  • Spikes or cleats, along with gloves, are not allowed.  No hand over hand pulling is allowed, thus team members must go back with the rope when pulling;
  • During a pull, all team members must remain standing.  Sitting and/or lying on the ground is not allowed.  A person having slipped to the ground must re-gain a standing position within 5 seconds or the match is called;
  • A person may pull for only one team during the event;
  • Judge will toss a coin to determine which team chooses direction of the first pull. Teams will switch directions for each pull within a match.

2021 Registered Teams:

  1. Straphangers
  2. Southside Strength and Fitness
  3. Tuggernauts
  4. Backcountry Therapeutics


Does my registration include tickets to the Games?:  Yes, each Team Captain that registers a team will receive 12 tickets for their Tug-O-War Team. The tickets are good for both Saturday and Sunday. If additional tickets are are needed for family and friends to cheer the team on, they are available in advance at a discounted price.

I am the Team Captain, do I have to register as an individual also? No, your registration is included when you register your team.

I am the Team Captain, can I register my whole team? Unfortunately, since this registration includes a "Release and Indemnity Agreement (Waiver)" each team member must sign up individually to agree to the Waiver.

Is Registration going to be available on the day of the games? Yes, IF spots are remaining on the day of games you may enter Team Members at the event. Early Registration is suggested to guarantee your spot Team's spot and receive entry tickets to the event..

Can I bring my dog? Sorry, but your furry friends will have to stay home, for their safety, dogs are NOT allowed on the Alaska State Fairgrounds at any time. This includes leaving them in cars or campers.

If you have any additional questions regarding Tug-O-War participation, please email athletics@alaskanscottish.org!

Date & Time

Sat, Jun 26, 2021 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Venue Details

Alaska Scottish Highland Games

2075 Glenn Highway, Palmer, Alaska, 99645, United States

Alaska Scottish Highland Games
The Alaskan Scottish Club

The Alaskan Scottish Club is a non-profit organization established to promote the Scottish culture, heritage and teachings to the people of Alaska.  We achieve this through events, workshops, concerts and other social gatherings in Alaska throughout the year. Visit alaskanscottish.org for more information.