Tune In & Tune Up with the Guides - July

  • July 22, 2024 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Omaha Whole Living

    521 North 33rd Street #6
    Omaha, Nebraska 68131
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“After I am fully connected to the energy I am, my call with the cosmos starts.” – Astara, How the Stars Tell Time


Enjoy a dose of cosmic wisdom as Astara channels her Galactic Council to receive guidance and support for humanity from higher dimensions. These energy transmissions bring new octaves of learning and energetic activations to tune up your body and field, giving you access to more freedom, power, and creativity than ever before. This is the power required to escort hidden obstacles in your path back to love. ✨


Astara and the Galactic Council help you turn the dial on the quality knob of your life towards beauty and vitality. Upgrade yourself mind, body, and soul with a fresh frequency and new momentum forward! ✨


Start the evening out with a gong meditation. After the channeled message, ask questions of Astara’s guides and practice hearing your own guides too. If you already listen to your guides, your attendance will deepen your connection with yours. ✨


Once you're connected more deeply to the source field (quantum field) with Astara and the Galactic Council, the messages and energies that pour forth help you change the channel of your life! We'll record each session to bring Astara’s second book into the world. Be a part of making history. ✨


Seating is limited, pre-registration encouraged. 
Check in time 6:15pm. Event start time 6:30pm.
Please arrive early so we can start on time!
Advanced Registration $20/$25 at door


Astara accesses more of her brain and body so she can tune into the Presence of All That Is, Nature's Intelligence, her Meta Self, and her guides. Astara calls this the Cosmic Conference Call — a channeling technique she writes about in her book How the Stars Tell Time. Astara writes and teaches about the heart, the physics of the soul, and channeling in her book, How the Stars Tell Time, her private Heartifact Archaeology sessions, and her online school, Inner Space Academy.

Learn more about Astara: https://astararaven.love/meet-astara
Buy How the Stars Tell Time: https://astararaven.love/how-the-stars-tell-time-the-book/

Date & Time

Mon, Jul 22, 2024 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Venue Details

Omaha Whole Living

521 North 33rd Street #6
Omaha, Nebraska 68131 Omaha Whole Living
Illuminating Hearts

Collaborators Astara and Orion founded Illuminating Hearts. We cross-pollinate sound and energy, science and spirituality, theory and the experiential to em-power your truest Self. We bring music, metaphysics, and mindfulness together in a new way. Our innovative sound offerings heal you at the root of life: vibration. Learn more about Heartifact Archaeology and our books. Learn more about TINY space PRODUCTIONS and our films.

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