Unicorns: Are They Pretty?

  • Jan 21 - 22, 2023
  • The Screening Room

    127 East Congress Street
    Tucson, Arizona 85701
Ticket Price $12.00 This event is now over

Two-time Tucson Fringe “Best Solo Show” winner “Reverend Matt’s Monster Science” returns to Arizona, with the information you need on the legend of the unicorn! The prettiest (spoiler alert!) and most magical of all fabulous creatures! But was it always this way? Is it this way in every culture! No and no (spoiler alert!) Learn about the amazingly varied history of the horse with one horn. Plus jokes! And PowerPoint!

Content Warning: 13+, Depictions and Discussions of Violence, Strong Political Content, Sexual Content.

Artist Bio: Matthew Kessen is a writer, performer, producer, dramaturg, and novelty soda enthusiast based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has worked with all manner of comedy groups there, none of which you have probably heard of. He is best known for his solo comedy-lecture show, “Reverend Matt’s Monster Science,” which has appeared at numerous museums, libraries, conventions, and theaters, and which is a monthly livestream these days as well. He has a pet gecko called Linus.

Date & Time

Jan 21 - 22, 2023

Venue Details

The Screening Room

127 East Congress Street
Tucson, Arizona 85701 The Screening Room
Tucson Fringe Festival

The Tucson Fringe Festival is an unjuried, uncensored performing arts festival. Following international fringe tenets, the festival provides artists with low-risk, low-cost opportunities to perform by using economies of scale to reduce venue rental costs and by taking 0% of the artist’s earnings. Additionally, the festival also provides the Tucson arts community with avant-garde, non-traditional performing arts at very low ticket prices. Finally, the festival does not curate or select the performances, maintaining an environment in which everyone and anyone can perform. This ensures that underrepresented artistic voices are championed in our community.

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