Vernal & Sere Theatre LEAR

  • April 15 - 30, 2023
  • The Windmill Arts Center

    2823 Church Street
    East Point, Georgia 30344
Ticket Price $15.00-$60.00 This event is now over







The ensemble-based, movement driven Vernal & Sere Theatre returns to the Windmill Arts Center for its second production of their 2022-2023 residency season with an outlandish, bewildering, and ultimately haunting postmodernist epilogue to perhaps the most canonical text in human history – Shakespeare’s King Lear


Written by Young Jean Lee, LEAR begins its story in the throne room of the recently deposed king and explores the psychological consequences such treatment of parents might render upon our own lives. A peculiar cocktail of theatrical ingredients, LEAR fuses the subject matter and styles of Shakespeare, Sesame Street, and Samuel Beckett to address the very real problem of dealing with a father’s mortality. Equal parts dick jokes and death jokes, LEAR is an irreverent play upon seriously sacred subject matter.


This play is being presented by our company at a time when all of its founding partners (and most of its dearest ensemble members) have crossed the threshold into our early-thirties. Many of us are transplants to this city we now call home, leaving our parents strewn about the country as we pursue this life of theatre-making in Atlanta. We look forward to presenting Young Jean Lee’s LEAR against the backdrop of this truth, evaluating (and laughing at) our own decisions and personal pursuits as we invite you to examine your own.



LEAR features: Jessica Craig as Cordelia, Laura Edwards as Goneril, Daniela Santiago as Regan, Kellen Boyle as Edgar, Pascal Portney as Edmund, and Alex Van as Lear

Directed by: Erin Boswell and Erin O’Connor
Stage Management: Lindsey Sharpless
Dramaturgy: Sawyer Estes
Lighting Design: Lindsey Sharpless
Costume Design: Julia Pistsova and Erin O’Connor
Costume Construction: Julia Pistsova and Kaelin Roach
Scenic Design: Erin Boswell and Erin O’Connor
Scenic Construction: Sam Ross and Chris Schulz
Sound Design and Audio Engineering: Zach Halaby and Chandler Anderson
Projection Design and Videography: Matthew Shively and Sawyer Estes
Intimacy Captain: Lindsey Sharpless
Movement Direction and Choreography: Erin Boswell and Erin O’Connor
SFX Design and Props Master: Kathrine Barnes


This production utilizes strobe lights.

This play includes themes that may be difficult, including grief and loss, body dysmorphia, fatphobia, body shaming, physical violence, mention of infanticide and bestiality, bullying, mutilation imagery, simulated consensual sexual acts, sexual harassment, torture, and death.

For more information, please contact us directly at and we will be happy to discuss the show in further detail with you.


Running time: Who knows? Hopefully under 90 minutes if we're quick about it.

We've had many people ask how they can do and give more in support of our work, our livelihoods, and keep the cost of tickets affordable to all regardless of income.

Keeping theatre accessible and sustainable is a core value of ours as well. To achieve that end, we are proud to offer a sliding scale ticket model for our production of LEAR.

Limited quantities for each price point are available. Please choose the option which best reflects your need. We believe in a kind of pay-what-you-can ticketing model and are intent on working towards this within the Atlanta theatre scene.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot meet these costs, don't let this prevent you from seeing the show. Email us at and we will be happy to work through your situation.

All members of the performing company and crew of LEAR are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 and are tested regularly. For the safety of our cast, crew and community, we encourage audience members to wear masks during performances. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

Date & Time

Apr 15 - 30, 2023

Venue Details

The Windmill Arts Center

2823 Church Street
East Point, Georgia 30344 The Windmill Arts Center
Vernal & Sere Theatre


Vernal & Sere Theatre is an ensemble-based company driven by the desire to create imaginative, difficult theatre that addresses current issues and traditional modes of interpretation through performance that experiments with language and movement while reaching for the sublime, the profane, and the outright ambiguous.


We are drawn to work both classical and new that straddles the line between vernal and sere, fertility and barrenness, sacred and profane, happiness and grief. We ask our audiences to plunge headfirst into the void between such polarities and then reorient themselves to the difficult reality of being. It is our firm belief that such an act expands thought, deepens empathy, and reinvigorates one to life. Our audience’s willingness to brave this potentially treacherous journey makes our work possible. In fact, we live for the deep, profound relationships that we build with audiences at our shows: it is the most life affirming thing that we do.

Vernal & Sere is proud to be included as a company in residence at Windmill Arts.