VIRTUAL CONCERT ~ Rendezvous Arts/True Colors Baroque Quartet w/Metalsmith, Kathleen Kamal Baum

  • Anywhere You Like (Recorded at Artifact Events)

    Chicago, Illinois
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Rendezvous Arts
True Colors Baroque Quartet with 

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Brandon Acker / Anna Steinhoff / Wendy Benner / Lori Ashikawa

Four of Chicago's seasoned baroque artists come together in this trio-sonata program titled "Two plus two equals three!" How is that possible? See and hear for yourself as Brandon Acker's lanky theorbo (giant lute) and Anna Steinhoff's evocative baroque cello comprise the foundational "continuo" element of our trio, while Wendy Benner and Lori Ashikawa play dueling baroque violin roles. We open with a stately sonata by British composer Henry Purcell and then venture into Francois Couperin and Arcangelo Corelli's fanciful and ornately styled French and Italian explorations of the many colors of the baroque trio sonata throughout 17th and 18th century Europe.

Kathleen Kamal Baum, Metalsmith 

Kathleen Kamal Baum is a trained silversmith originally from Toledo Ohio. After attending Miami University and receiving her Bachelor's in Fine Arts, she earned admission to Indiana University's Master of Fine Arts program, where she graduated in 1993. Traveling from Rome and later to India, Kathleen has always been inspired by the world around her. Kathleen has been a professor at the College of DuPage now for 25 years. At the College of DuPage, Kathleen teaches a wide range of classes from metalsmithing and jewelry design to fashion and conceptual art.  Explore her art on her website at

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Anywhere You Like (Recorded at Artifact Events)

Chicago, Illinois Anywhere You Like (Recorded at Artifact Events)
Rendezvous Arts

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