Vuinerable AF: 2-week Emotional Intimacy Immersion

  • Wed, Jul 19, 2023 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Online Virual Workshop

    Brooklyn, New York 11216
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Do you feel nervous (maybe even avoidant) when it comes to being vulnerable and having difficult conversations?

Do you feel nervous (maybe even avoidant) when it comes to being vulnerable and having difficult conversations?

Are you tired of finding yourself repeatedly being attracted to emotionally unavailable & avoidant partners?

The truth is, attracting emotionally unavailable and avoidant partners is often a reflection of your own emotional barriers, fears of deep intimacy and unresolved relationship patterns.

Love requires vulnerability and it’ll be hard to have if you have a closed heart.

Tell me if this is you: 

You find yourself hiding and suppressing your emotions because you think your vulnerability makes you seem “too much” or “too demanding.”

You have an anxious or avoidant attachment style that often leaves you feeling uncertain with where you stand with someone or when they get too close you want to RUN the other way. 

You find it hard provide feedback and communicate boundaries confidently especially in sexual situations.

In 2-weeks you will learn how to:

  • Release control, resistance and fear when it comes to intimacy and opening your heart so you can turn towards intimacy instead of away.
  • Develop emotional intimacy while also developing a deep sense of self-love, self-worth and confidence that imprints your nervous system for life.
  • Learn the art of conscious communication so you can communicate vulnerability with confidence, courage & clarity in your relationships.
  • Reprogram new belief systems, anchor in self-worth and get unstuck when it comes to expressing vulnerability in your relationships.
  • Activate your magnetism and open your heart to deeper levels of love.

You will Leave With:

A deeper connection to yourself, your juicy desires and your sense of self in your relationships 

High-level communication skills and in-depth practices for emotional intimacy in your relationships 

Trust in yourself and a new relationship to vulnerability and courage 

New language and skill-set to deepen the intimacy you have with yourself, your relationships and other areas of your life

What to Expect:

4 Vulnerable AF Workshops + Weekly voxter transmissions 

1 Weekly Q+A + Somatic Coaching call

Weekly playwork + practice opportunities to anchor in what you're learning and hold you accountable during the program

Recordings for life

What is Vulnerable AF?

Vulnerable AF is an international workshop series and invitation for deeper conversations with others and connections that allow you to go below the surface, explore your own depth, and expand the edge of your comfort zone in a safe space founded by Veronica Kaulinis

Who is the Facilitator: 

Veronica Kaulinis shows women how to have turned-on relationships and embrace vulnerability as their greatest superpower. She's an Intimacy Coach, Facilitator, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who guides transformational in-person and online experiences that encourage vulnerability and brave connection. She's the Founder of Vulnerable AF which is a global movement that encourages vulnerability, expansion, intimate, deep and thought-provoking conversations in a safe space. Her work is inspired by Authentic Relating, Non-violent Communication, Transformational Development, and Embodiment practices. I’m passionate about connection, collaboration and community. Her mission is to slay any negative stigmas the world has of vulnerability so that we mobilize the next generation of thought leaders and change- makers through real connections and straight-up conversations.

Date & Time

Wed, Jul 19, 2023 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Venue Details

Online Virual Workshop

Brooklyn, New York 11216 Online Virual Workshop
Vulnerable AF

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