Vukovar Day Celebration: Croatian Night Market & Tiho Orlic Concert

  • St. Anthony's Croatian Parish Center

    712 North Grand Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90012
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Our first ever Croatian Night Market will be held in honor of Vukovar Day and its patrons St Philip (Filip) and James (Jakov). This first ever event will feature a program curated by Four Rivers Foundation followed by a live performance by the Tiho Orlic band. In addition to his hit songs "Daleko Je", "Ostani", "Stari Se", "Opasno je ljubiti", "Neraskidivo", Tiho will also perform crowd favorites such as "Geni kameni", "Moj Dida i ja", and many others. It will be a night to remember and a great warm up ahead of Euro24 watch parties.  


Join us from 6PM - 1AM for food, music and shopping. The market will host Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine and local vendors.

Market Opens at 6:00PM

Meet & Greet with Tiho Orlic at 8:00PM

Program begins at 8:30PM

Concert begins at 9:30PM

The program will feature a screening of a documentary and video podcast highlights produced by Borna Marinić, historian and producer of popular YT channel Domovinski Rat / "Gdje si bio '91?"  followed by an in-person conversation with Mirjana Semenić Rutko, doctor from Vukovar, veteran of the Homeland War and one of the women veterans featured in the latest documentary produced by Borna Marinić that aired on Croatian Television HRT.


About our guest: Mirjana Semenić Rutko

Mirjana Semenić Rutko was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but she spent her childhood and youth in Vukovar. In the summer of 1991, she completed her medical studies and was searching for a place to do her internship and gain her first work experience. Fate decided that it would be in Vukovar, and that her initial experiences would also be wartime experiences. Nothing could have prepared her for treating the wounded injured by bombs and bullets. However, the young girl and promising doctor readily accepted all the wounded, including even enemy soldiers. 

During that time, her fiancé Miroslav was on the battlefield and was killed after the fall of Vukovar. Mirjana didn't go home from the hospital; she was there non-stop, and she did not leave Vukovar in its darkest hours. After a few days of captivity, she managed to regain her freedom. She dedicated herself to the search for her missing fiancé and pursued a career in medicine, specializing in gynecology. After the war, she returned to Vukovar, where she now successfully runs a private clinic. The search for her missing fiancé still continues.

Venue Details

St. Anthony's Croatian Parish Center

712 North Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90012 St. Anthony's Croatian Parish Center
St. Anthony's Croatian Church

St. Anthony Croatian Catholic Parish is a community of faith and love, graced with a revered ethnic heritage.

We share our Catholic faith with other parish communities that constitute the larger local Church of Los Angeles. With them we are devoted to a common Church mission, which is to witness the presence of God in our world and to advance the civilization of love.

At the same time, we are a distinct ethnic community. The Croatian Christian heritage is fourteen centuries old. We cherish such a legacy and are indebted to preserve our rich Croatian culture, traditions, customs, values and language for future generations.

In regard to this specific character of our parish community, our primary goal is to enhance efficient interaction of faith and culture. Therefore, we commit ourselves to promoting the cultural adaptation of liturgy. Also, in order to invigorate dynamics of evangelization we are committed to contextualize all pastoral, catechetical, social and cultural activities in the parish.


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