Watercolor Landscapes Paint-along

  • January 24 - July 24, 2024
  • Push/Pull

    2000 Northwest Market Street
    Seattle, Washington 98107
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A monthly watercolor paint-along that will build your painting muscles! Join Max M, "The Bob Ross of Watercolor," each month to paint a landscape. This class is beginner-friendly, but more experienced watercolor artists are sure to learn something! Come learn about color theory, composition, sketching for painting, and more while you paint along with Max! 


Join us each month for a new color palette and theme!


April: Think Pink. This class, we will paint a still life. Pretty peppers and crisp apples will be our muse. We will explore the pigment power of “Quinacridone Pink” to boost red and green compositions.


May: Stunning Skies. In this class, we will practice wet-into-wet techniques to create distinct and beautiful clouds. Create gorgeous gradients to make a subtle, realistic effect.


June: Make it Glow. This class, we will apply luminous colors to our paper and learn how to layer colors to create the illusion of glowing fireflies.


July: Lake Day. Don’t you wish Seattle summer could last forever? Capture the memory of a beautiful day at the lake in watercolor form! We will use simple techniques to create an atmospheric view of Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier.


Max Mandell, who coworkers call "the Bob Ross of Watercolor," has been exploring the watercolor medium for 8 years. He's delighted to share his love for watercolor with you. 

Date & Time

Jan 24 - Jul 24, 2024

Venue Details


2000 Northwest Market Street
Seattle, Washington 98107 Push/Pull

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