Woodworking Group

  • Jul. 22, 2023 10:00 a.m. - Aug. 6, 2023 2:00 p.m.
  • Anthony's Handyman Service

    29 Sherwood Street
    Orangeville, Ontario L9W 5E1
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Anthony's Handyman Service Woodworking Group

Location- 29 Sherwood Street, Orangeville, Garage

July 22, July 29, August 5, and August 12


Lunch Included.  All 4 sessions $300.  Participants need to attend all four sessions as the skills build upon the previous session.

Participants will learn and experience the basics of woodworking, including skills that will allow them to fix things around the home. Using a saw, drill, sander and other hand-held power tools. They will engage in activities with larger power tools, and also be instructed on the tools themselves, different types and uses of each.  The group will be under constant supervision, and all safety needs will be provided and followed, including, eye, hand and breathing protections.  

Session one – tool introduction
The first class will be a deep dive into the basic tools needed for woodworking. From types of screwdrivers, to different styles of saws and hammers, students will go over and become familiar with,
through fun hands on demonstrations of how the tools work and why they are designed the way they are.

Session two – measuring and cutting (spice racks)
Participants will go over and become familiar with a design plan for a simple project. Our first will be spice racks, as they allow instruction on a simple shelf structure, as well as a chance to do some creative design with the tops and sides. In session two we will learn about designs and how to implement them. Participants will go over the plan for their spice racks, learning about, and beginning to do initial measurements and cuts on pieces of wood to prepare the basic pieces they need prior to building.

Session three – construction
We will go over the safe use of tools, pre-drilling to avoid cracking in small projects, clamping and bracing so that exact work can be done, and more. 

Session four – finishing
Participants will learn the various options for finishing their project, once they have finished the construction by gluing and sanding the final pieces. After the racks are complete, students will then dive into
the world of painting and staining. We will instruct on different application methods and the results of the different finishing options so that participants get to achieve the exact goal they want with their

Code of Conduct

- Participants will follow all instructions of the supervisors at all times. Due to the use of power tools, this is non-negotiable. Failure to follow instructions will result in the suggestion that the participant picks a different group opportunity.

- Participants will follow ALL safety rules implemented at the start of the program, for the entirety of the program, including, never playing with a tool, wearing eye protection at all times, as well as hand and
ear protection when instructed.

- Participants will have fun and encourage fun in others. We are in the program to learn by trial and error. There will be zero tolerance to insults, or derogatory statements about other students work.

- Students will not perform any construction tasks without the supervision of an instructor. Any touching of tools, or actions performed without the permission or supervision of an instructor, may result in the
participant being suggested to pick another program.

- Students will have fun and participate in each activity. There will be no coasting. If you are in the program, you are participating in each build.

Date & Time

Jul. 22, 2023 10:00 a.m. - Aug. 6, 2023 2:00 p.m.

Venue Details

Anthony's Handyman Service

29 Sherwood Street
Orangeville, Ontario L9W 5E1 Anthony's Handyman Service

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