Your Hero/Heroine’s Journey Bundle

  • Sun, May 15, 2022 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Crystalline Healing Bayfield

    20 N 1st Street
    Bayfield, Wisconsin 54814
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Your Hero/Heroine’s Journey Bundle

~Foursongs Holistic Coaching and Connection~

According to Joseph Campbell, the Hero’s Journey is a common story structure found in cultures worldwide. In this journey, a character ventures into unknown territory to retrieve something they need that has both known and unknown beneficial aspects. The journey is not easy though and facing adversity is required. The hero/heroine ultimately overcomes whatever hardship is necessary before returning home from the quest transformed in some way.


We use myths and stories as a means of education and understanding of the world around us. They play an important role in how we relate to our surrounding environment both physically, ethically, and soulfully. Through the course of a few hours, we will learn and explore ways the Hero’s Journey monomyth has played out and guided us in our lives. Each of us has our own personal journey of this type that is given to us to navigate in order to bring out our gifts to the world. It is something we see recurring in the movies, books, and culturally significant stories that offer us glimpses into ways through the difficult times we all must face.


As a representation of the personally unique details of this story, we will each create a story bundle as a keeper and reminder of the interconnected mythological story we all take part in. This bundle is made from leather and decorated with a painted design of your choice. It can be worn as a necklace or used as a medicine pouch to hold something precious in. This class is a fun and motivating experience for people who love stories.  



  • 3 hours
  • $48 ~ All materials provided



Participants will…

  • Identify their own Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey story/stories
  • Discover new and empowering ways to approach their relationships with others
  • Find positive relational patterns to tap into for authentic support and empowerment
  • Root themselves in inspired purpose to live a more meaningful life



Foursongs will…

  • Inspire participants to investigate their relationships with the world by directly exploring the manifestations of how they connect with their surroundings
  • Stimulate awareness of how we, as humans, choose to embody our Life-Walk
  • Instill in the participants a deep appreciation for the sacred directions and guidance available to us as we pay attention to the natural world
  • Soulfully Witness each participant as they discover the possibilities of empowerment through exploration of the Hero’s Journey monomyth
Date & Time

Sun, May 15, 2022 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Venue Details

Crystalline Healing Bayfield

20 N 1st Street
Bayfield, Wisconsin 54814 Crystalline Healing Bayfield
Foursongs Holistic Coaching & Connection

Specializing in helping earth-conscious people feeling overwhelmed and distressed by changing life stages find new relational patterns rooted in inspired purpose through nature-based guidance – all in four powerful steps.

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