Your Inner Compass

  • Sat, Jun 10, 2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Café Gratitude KC Upstairs

    333 Southwest Boulevard
    Kansas City, Missouri 64108
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Would you like to have more confidence in yourself or more guidance for living your unique path?  


Join Natalie Jacara, founder of Cafe Gratitude KC, on June 10th at 2:00pm for an exploratory class for a greater relationship with "Your Inner Compass".


"I have been through my own journey of honoring external influences over trusting my own inner compass. When I started to live more aligned with my truth and inner guidance, I was led to bring Cafe Gratitude to Kansas City. The more I follow my inner guidance, the more nourishing, magical and fulfilling my life is. And usually, the times I do not follow my inner guidance, I feel lost or that something is "off" in my life.

In this class, I will guide you in an exploration of your own experiences to discover the wisdom of your personal inner compass. We will look at the times you have followed external influences such as following an advertisement, your family or society's definition of success, or what the education system encourages; and we will find the hidden value in those experiences. We will also explore the times you have followed your inner compass such as following a hunch, pursuing the things you love, or listening to your intuition.

My intention with this class is that you develop a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself, your inner guidance system and life so you are better equipped and empowered to fully walk your own path - to live the life ONLY YOU came to live."

Love offering recommendation: $20-50

The pic is a moment when Natalie was following her inner compass.

Date & Time

Sat, Jun 10, 2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Venue Details

Café Gratitude KC Upstairs

333 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64108 Café Gratitude KC Upstairs
Café Gratitude KC Upstairs

Café Gratitude is our expression of a world of plenty. Our food and people are a celebration of our aliveness. We select the finest organic ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves, as we are one and the same. We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. Our food is prepared with love.

We invite you to step inside and enjoy being someone that chooses: loving your life, adoring yourself, accepting the world, being generous and grateful every day, and experiencing being provided for. Have fun and enjoy being nourished.

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