Everglades Airboat Tour Tickets

Everglades Holiday Park has been delivering the full Everglades experience near Ft Lauderdale, Florida already for more than three decades. Their team of professionals strives to provide visitors with the safest, yet the most educational experience in the Everglades. Their focus is to allow people to observe nature in the unspoiled setting. Everglades offers a variety of air boat tours and fishing trips; zip line tours will also be available soon. Everglades Holiday Park is also home to the famous Gator Boys of the Animal Planet.

Everglades has been using SimpleTix since 2012 to sell tickets on their website and Facebook fan page.

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Everglades was the first SimpleTix customer to use the new Open Tickets / Day Pass Feature. These are special eTickets that are not attached to specific pre-set dates & times. So, customers can buy Air Boat Tour ticket and redeem it anytime, once they are at the resort.


Spring 2014 Everglades will unveil a collection of ticket kiosks.  Customer can walk up & buy tickets. As soon as the order is complete they are automatically assigned a Tour Ticket which will have their names and full liability waiver printed on it. This reduces the need to hire extra seasonal staff during peak season and saves on operational costs.