Easy Entry allows you to scan tickets on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) find it in the Apple iTune App Store. Also available for Android devices find it Android Google Play store.



Last Sprint we released our very own Windows Phone App! It’s called Ticket Scanner. It’s a Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 App. Download this free application here.


Very similar to our Windows Phone app, the Easy Entry is a tablet version. The Easy Entry can we used by staff just like the Ticket Scanner app to scan tickets. One key feature they Easy Entry app has is the ability to post to external URL after each successfully validation. You can use this to trigger/alert and external system of the ticket scanning. For example it can:

  • Ping an elevators API to call it down and unlock it
  • Print a name tag from a thermal printer
  • Print a ID badge from a plastic printer

Don't have internet access?

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No Internet? No Problem! We have two solutions for you.

  • You can scan tickets with CodeReadr + an iPhone without internet. Here’s a video on how to do that.
  • The SimpleTix Offline ticket scanning app for Windows XP, 7,8 Here’s avideo.

Have an older phone?

If you have an older device like an iPhone iOS 6.0, you can still use it! SimpleTix supports the app CodeReadR.

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